A Question Of Caring

Atwater Vitki

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When we first moved into our neighborhood in 2007, the fellow across the street got the cutest little smoke gray long hair kitten...named him "Bucky" because he'd jump up in a squirrel hop and brush your hand. Even though Bucky has lots of medical issues, from being hit by a car at only 6 weeks, he's grown into a beautiful, loving adult cat.

Last May (2011) "Stan" felt sorry for a 'friend" of his and had her and her two adult sons move into his 2bdrm duplex with their 2 Chihuahuas, 2 cats and other things in cages that lined the living room walls. Then came "Moon" the feral they adopted because she got along with Bucky. By Oct. 2011, they had to move because of the neighbor's complaint of excessive barking. Well, they did keep those Chihua's in the garage 24/7 and we could hear them at all hours, but only with open windows.

They moved about 2 miles away into another complex, much like this one, but left "Moon". We finally got her coaxed into a carrier and delivered her over to them. As far as we knew they never once came looking for her. We wouldn't have minded so much, but "Moon" picks fights with two of our cats.

Then this last June, Bucky shows up in our kitchen one night shocking us both. After brushing him out, feeding him and keeping him in the back room for the night, we got him in a carrier the next morning and I drove over to their apartment....which was empty! I found out at our office "Stan" and crew had moved back into this complex one street behind us....okay cool. So for the last several months we've had Bucky as a guest almost every night as he loves the attention, play time, treats and better cuisine!

A week ago Monday (Sept24), "Moon" shows up at our door and she is starving and frantic to come in. OMG! Of course we fed her, brushed her out, picked the burrs out of her belly and got her calmed down and thought she had just got confused so Kay walked her over to "Stans" the next night when it seemed like she had been in our planter bed all night and day. No one was home so we again fed her and I figured I get it taken care of the following day.

The same night (Tues Sept 25) we noticed Bucky spent the night on our bbq table and was there for breakfast. So I walked over to the duplex where we knew "Stan" was and some other guy answers the door. "Oh, ah no, they don't live here any more!" WHAT?? Fortunately the fella was able to tell us they had moved to the 'family side'. I tracked down the address and go over to find no one home again. Okay, let's just see what happens.

Mind you "Stan" not only knows where we live and has our phone #, but also knows Bucky and Moon both frequented visiting here. By Thurs (Sept 27) we'd had enough disruption in our kitties routines and feeding extras sure put a strain on our budget so I kept going over to "Stan's" until I got a hold of him. I found out that not only had Bucky not even been to the new place, which they moved into on Wed. Sept 19, but "Stan" and "Rosa" had simply been "too busy" to go looking for him.....grrrr....with a 22 and 25 yrs old laying about playing X-box all day and night.....GRRR! :furious:

So we get both cats in carriers and deliver them with the advice of keeping them in for at least a week, if not two so they familiarize with the new house. Our conversations were continuously interrupted by the yapping Chihau's and not just the 2, but now 4 as they were keeping "Rosa's" daughter's Chihau's and two cats as well. (She's going through a divorce and staying at friends)

Frankly, the house smelled disgusting and the one litter box I saw in the dining area was full of "output" and they seemed to have even more cages with lizards, snakes, birds etc than before and another little "mop dog" running back and forth yapping as well....geesh.....but at least the cats were reunited with their rightful owners.

Bucky showed up here again last night.

Now the dilemma we're facing is even though these poor cats are not being cared for in a manner we think is good, they are at minimum fed and housed over at "Stan's". Our opinion is nothing short of animal abuse and it's patently obvious both Bucky and Moon prefer our quiet house, play time, clean litter boxes (we always keep one fresh washed pan and small bag of sand in the garage...for "just in case") and name brand food etc. I think it's nothing short of amazing that these creatures can find their way to our door immediately from nearly 3/4 mile away, but of course have heard the stories of dogs and cats finding their owners across the country!

Bucky is no problem as he's content with left overs from the other cats, doesn't fight and pretty much just comes in for play-time and whatever is in a food dish. Moon, however, keeps our cats at bay from using the cat door and picks on our little "MeShell" like crazy. Moon is loud and obnoxious at times and insists on having her way, place and comfort above all others. But these aren't our cats nor can we afford the extra $30/mo for them and what if they need a vet? Oy.

Besides, we're technically only allowed 2 small dogs or 3 cats by the "rental rules", but got a waiver from the manager for our brood because two are pretty much 99% indoor cats and they charged us double ($800) the usual deposit . A strain on us when we moved in, but what we did being responsible about it. And of course, all of ours are spayed and neutered, wouldn't have it any other way.

So, what do you think? Sorry for the long story, but hard to describe the whole situation otherwise. Should we continue to bring the cats back over to the "madhouse" or turn them into the ASPCA/pound and possibly get semi-acquaintances charged with animal abuse? Hefty fine, animal care classes, up to 3 years probation, possible 1 yr in jail...which would totally mess up the home, the relationship and what about all the other animals there?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

We also have a "Cat Lady" down the street from us, having nearly 20 cats. She thinks spay and neuter is a "disgusting human invention" and refuses to have any of hers done. She does find homes for a few now and then but her brood has doubled just this last year. We help her out by providing flea powder for rugs and the house and drops (between shoulder blades) as her cats bring fleas everywhere around here. She seems to manage with food, but never turns down cans ours won't eat...not saying ours are spoiled or anything, but picky, oh my yes...each having their own "favorite" and it's totally hit and miss on new stuff.

Do these type folks really help the animals? Or do you think this is just a mild form of abuse as well?

Blessings of Peace,

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Well, lets see. You can't keep the two cats because of financial restraints plus you already have your alotment of animals. The people the cats belong to just don't care about the cats or themselves for that matter. I think you already know the answer to your questions including the "Cat Lady." Can't save them all.

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my humble opinion is that they don't help at all; they may feed, keep a roof over and even love these animals, but love does not take the place of good food, veterinary care when needed and appropriate daily care.

yeah, it's a conundrum, is something known and sub standard worth risking for the unknown - a great life with a family/person who adores them or ... maybe death?

Alot to say on this but I'm having trouble composing my thoughts, long day, but will be back :)

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Hi AV--I am sorry to hear your headache with the `kitties`!

I think the only possible solution to you corundum is --somehow finding a new home for them--first priority would be for Moon as he`s more difficult. Maybe you could put an ad up at a NUMBER of grocery store `bulletin boards`--the more the better!!--with a cute picture with a good tearjerker story-- written by the said `adoptees` themselves!!-- that always makes the difference --also placing the same on the internet.

The `cat lady`--is out, so is the `mad-house`, as well as `your house` it seems to me. As for ASPCA I think that is a real bad idea--for if you call them who knows what will happen, plus you make an enemy of `Stan`--and who knows what that crowd is capable of.

Hope it all resolves soon --I shall be holding thumbs and putting in a petition to St Francis tonight--!!



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After bringing "Bucky" and "Moon" back to the "hell-house" again last night, Kay told me that both were back on our back door step at 6 a.m. before she went to sleep this morning...okay...those poor kitties NEED a good, and NEW home!

It was just one excuse after another as to how they "got out" and the poor things seemed petrified to be there. Bucky was in shear panic when let out of the carrier and Moon headed straight for their back door ye-owling like crazy....all the while the Chihua's - 2 in cages, 2 running free and all yapping to high heaven.... one of them chasing the cats nipping at them...and that was the first minute inside their place letting the cats out of our carriers...the little mop dog was in the corner shaking.

When asked why neither of them came to check on the cats...if they were at our place...both just motored mouthed about "how busy" they were and with only the "one car" between 3 drivers (all had been there for 2 1/2 hours)....excuses, excuses, excuses.... :crazyeyes::furious: ....I finally just asked them straight out if they "want the kitties" or should I "find them a home that will love them and care for them?" More motor mouth and excuses but in the end they at least asked if I thought that would be best for the cats. "** YES!" :shut: was all I could muster!

We've decided to put up an ad on Craig's list, grocery stores like Tündér suggested and wherever else we can think of. I told "Stan" we'd let them know of any potential seekers. Both are such cool cats that just need a good home, a bit of love and attention...hint, hint!! The only reason we don't actually turn them into the pound is after calling them, this local pound only keeps "abandoned" for 30 days and "strays" for 10 days before being put down.

Funding has been cut so severely that only the most horrific cases of abuse are prosecuted so only a "Warning" ticket would be issued with no fine or other threat unless additional complaints, from others, not us, are turned in. Grrrrr! We can waste nearly a $Billion a day on WAR, but we don't have a system to care for animals who's only "crime" was being born???? Grrrrr!

I'll try and get some pics tonight and post them here for all to see....ma-a-a-a-a-ybe ya might know someone?

Just makes me so when "people" treat their "pets" like some sort of bauble or trinket, to be looked at for a short time and then tossed aside like yesterday's garbage. No excuse for stuff like that as any true pet lover knows!!!

Blessings of Peace,

btw...just fyi....4 Chihuahuas, 1 mop-dog, 3 other old cats, 6 lizards, 4 snakes, 2 hamsters, 3 rats and some other unknown in a cage, 2 filthy dirty fish 40-50 gal tanks. As we're talking out by the car, when I was leaving, someone drove by with a Malamute hanging it's head out the window and "Rosie" pipes up with "Ohhh lookie that, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!" :boom:Goodness! This would be such a great planet if it weren't for the people on it!!

I've known many people to have "zoos" and have never had a problem with that when the animals are well cared for and given a clean environment...I've also know animals that keep pets and don't give 2 spits about any of 'em...THAT really chaps my hide!!! :badmood:

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We've been diligent in our efforts and so far now 4 days have gone by without seeing either of the cats. Either they have been kept inside or they've found other digs, but we keep checking to make sure only good things happen for these little dearies...of course now I've said that they'll both be here for dinner tonight, right?

Blessings Be,

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  • 2 weeks later...

Since the 10th I have brought both Moon and Bucky back to their "owner" several times, one time they were back in our yard before I got home from the store after dropping them off. Moon has been "transferred to other facility" is all "Stan" will say and Bucky has made himself to home here, where quiet and attention rule the house.

I am up uncharacteristically early this morning due to Mr. Buck-Buck deciding sleeping on my face would be a good trick. Hehehe....a purr and a peddle, purr and a peddle ON my head and pillow and then wrap around the top of my head like a big gray, fuzzy set of ear muffs! A week ago he was cowering and/or running for the door at the smallest sound or movement....which was also uncharacteristic of him.

He truly deserves the best after having it great for his first 4 years of life then total and complete chaos for the last year and a half. I understand the desire for human companionship and have been faced with a similar situation, many years ago, as "Stan" of a girlfriend with dogs (yappy little pee'ers) vs. alone with my cats. I promised the little fluff-balls my never ending care and they got it. Turns out the gal has been through several fellows since then. The last time I saw her I was standing in the laundry room doing yet another load of laundry full of little yapper "gifts".

I would also suggest that while you're here reading about this kitty, take the time to gander over at Br. Devon's topic as he brings up a great point about what may be a thrill for humans can be terrifying for pets. Also be absolutely certain about wanting the responsibility of a pet before jumping into the decision.

Blessings of Peace,

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