Witch Crafts?

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someone recommended one from a craft store - like michael's , I'll figure out who that was ;) there is also a clay that you can fire in a regular oven, ditto on that. I've been tempted to set them out in the good ole sunshine and see what happens.

The only clay I'd recommend not using is Polymer clay. This is because its a type of plastic, and for spiritual items that would not be a good material to use.

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All this talk of clay work has me thinking that I may need to add to my crafting experience. There aren't many crafting mediums that I've met that I haven't liked. And the possibilities here are already boggling my mind. Oh, no, I see a new addiction coming on... :help2:

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This is my personal set of Futhark runes, crafted from yew wood, carved by sax (pointed carving tool) and stained the traditional way with, yes, me own Lifeforce (blood) and also colored for brightness and then sealed. I made these in 2000 after returning from Sweden and finishing my studies at Gambla Uppsala.

I had two sets prior to this, one made from a hickory branch and the other made from Birch twigs (long staves) which is known to be the Old Ways manner of making staves for casting....kind of like "Pick-Up-Sticks".

I've enjoyed seeing everyone else's goodies!

Don't know how I missed it either, but seeing the orig date...no wonder! Thanks for reviving it Windwalker!

Blessings of Peace,

ha, he said futhark.

be careful, he will rune you.

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Little tooooo possessive in here. Cast thy Demons out and get Wizard.

Hope this is the intro, not pereat, Uriah Heep, Demons $ Wizards.


Write for a newber...

The original which craft... Poultices.



Otherwise I'm building two boxes 4' x 2' x 2' to move out of Hellwai'i, using thiner wood panels 4' x 8' and 1 5/8' x 1 5/8' as skeleton framing to mount skin panels, I'll double the bottom panel.... These must be sacred dimentions, all easy to fit, cut and find stock for at store. Just hope my labor is not to expensive for me to afford, otherwise, I'll be a hungry 4 year old.

I also do really cool things with toilet paper rolls.


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I just finished carving these today for a friends mom who mentioned that she needs to get her a set of runestones to do castings/readings. She asked me if I could carve her a set out of river rocks that she had collected. I still have to finish up with a quick polish once the has fully dried. I did have mix in some of blood into the paint, so these have been stained with her lifeforce. She will of course be doing a further staining with her blood along with sealing them. Only reason she asked me to do what I have done is  due to her primary hand currently being out of use after she slipped on ice and somehow cut a deep gash across her palm (we think she did it on an nail that was protruding through  the wood of the deck she slipped on).


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