What Sparks "new Ideas" For You?


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Stupid commercials, :wacko: insane comments overheard at stores, :blink: idiotic displays of humanism, there are just a few of the many, many things that can spark and idea, connect dots or explain things to me that I otherwise probably wouldn't even think about or have failed to notice through traditional methods.

Just the other day, a "Target™" stores commercial sparked a thought of something, we in the rune-world, have held as a conundrum for many years. In the commercial, there is a large set of granite steps that leads up to a massive building. Only from the right perspective, as one climbs the steps, does the "Target™" trademark Circle (that looks like a target) come into perfect view. thumbsup%281%29.gif

At Annunshug's Mound, one of the last pagan Viking kings (and largest of all burial mounds) there is a stepped pyramid looking mound, with a large central area like a valley. We know that when it was built, there was an observation gazebo about 300 yards in front of the main view of the mound. There use to be something in the middle of the recess that "lined up" and was visible only from the observation area. The carvings, picto-graphs and rune that adorn the inside of the "valley/recess parts" have a large, blank area, that when viewed from the old gazebo would have filled in the "picture".

The mound was desecrated by the new "Christian King" and whatever was originally erected to "fill in the space" is gone, since around 1200 CE.

Well, that silly "Target™" commercial sparked my thinking, I ran off immediately to study, and viola! - I may have just come up with the "what" was once standing in front of the other depictions. (I know, it's very difficult to give you a "picture via words", but that's probably not of much interest to others anyway)

I'm compiling my "report" now, including the pictures of another "sparked" thought...from several years back...and bingo, they lined up/filled in perfectly! I will be sending my findings to our International Gild in the next few days. Hopefully I may just be on to something and can answer a huge question for the thousands of members studying this monument.

The purpose of my posting this is not to wow you with research, rather teased my curiosity about "how" people figure things out. As ministers, pastors, rabbis and yes, even pagan priests, it just got me to query as to how others find their inspiration.

Do your "new ideas" come from only reading one holy/sacred text? Do you research throughout all info available, sacred and secular? Do you find inspiration in the craziest of places? etc etc etc....

:unsure: Anyway, as usual, just the crazy Viking revealing his curious, often demented mind and wondering how others are inspired!! :unsure: What is the most unusual source of inspiration you've ever had regarding your Beliefs or any idea you've worked on?

Blessings of Peace,


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Do you throw darts at it or run headfirst into it to generate new ideas :)

A little of both actually :unsure: ! What the picture did not show was the large cables that are implanted directly into the frontal lobe through the viking's helmet...a good metallic ground always works best!

On a serious note, almost in entirety, the majority of rune monuments say things regarding dedications, memorials and/or recount a warrior's victories. There are a few, only three that survived (many more destroyed but are ref'd in ancient books and sagas) that seemed to be either on, or near, lay-lines and/or other physical earth anomalies, that had the express intent of opening one's higher mind - insightful/inspirational thinking - etc through meditation or forms of galdor, voicing/incantations/mantras, and/or seiðr majik.

The only clear account we have of this is a short "note" from one of the old sages and Master Rune Carver, Øpir, in poem, of how/where to sit, concentrate and performs one's Workings. Since the Vikings were thought to be "barbarians in nature", especially in their contemporary period, it's difficult to picture the academic realms of runaristing (rune writing) and the importance of these inscriptions.

Like today, we often forget that all branches of the military have chaplains, yet are trained as warriors and are expected to perform like any other soldier or sailor on the battlefield. Even though the overwhelming majority of Vikings were warriors, they too had priests, academics, secretaries, poets and rünovitki's ("warlocks"/magicians - closest terminology that fits) but little is known about many of these positions and what qualified them or how they were treated/promoted/accepted other than a few vague references.

Blessings of Peace,

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