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Hello everyone,

I am about to perform a wedding in June and I am kind of freaking out. I am almost certain that there are other threads that discuss the typical Californian process flows and all the issues regarding but I am unable to find them. Would somebody kindly point me to that direction? Some shared stories and experiences from the other officiants in California, or even better, Monterey county?

Thank you very much!

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California is pretty open when it comes to us performing marriages.

No need to register or anything. Fill out the marriage license, sign it where it says to sign it, and send it in.

I've performed 2 weddings in CA. Even as an out of state minister, no registration or anything was required.

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I understand your question but at present i have no answer of your question but i also appreciate the answers given by other members present in this forum and according to me if you find correct or proper answer so why you dont use it. So you use one of the answer given by other.

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