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Wow, Thanks for that BrDevon...!!

Her voice and that mandolin were made for each other...

"penny for my thoughts - I'll sell them for a dollar" sticks with me....

"Funny how when you're dead people start listening...."

Let's hope people learn to listen before they lose.

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well, ya know....

...I know little about livin' in Dad's shadow...

If I fail its to be expected, If I succeed its to be expected ... you just can't win.; and my Father is just a small time player in the game, and I guess I'm in the game too... these days....

anyway, my point is, if your old man happens to be someone as significant in history as Kirby Hensley, or even if he was just a guy who worked with alot of famous people in studios and what not..... one reality I have observed is that, you're gonna carry that weight , a long time

It's easier for me than others, but its just a microcsom to macrocosm kinda thing.. . all is relative to its own scale ... life's not easy for anyone

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