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WDED - commercial-free through the Halloween season!

*in Casey Kasem voice* This is a request that goes out to "Snuggles" in Kiss-and-Tell, Idaho, whose boyfriend had just left her last week after discovering she was in love with a Furby. Snuggles, keep on fighting the good fight and happiness will soon be at your side.

But until then, have a listen to Universal Lite Beer Factory and their mega-huge-jumbo smash hit-a-roonee of 1934...


Hotel ULC

(sung to the tune of Hotel California - all apologies to The Eagles)

On the Internet Highway, salt breeze found my hair

Bad smell of religion, rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a ULC site

My fingers itched to write some funny stuff

Instead of sleeping at night

Murphy stood in the doorway;

As stories Wilbur tells;

And Dorian's thinking to himself,

"My head is whirling and this could be Hell"

Then Claire lit a candle and she showed me the way

There were voices in the Admin room,

I thought I heard them say...

"Welcome to the Hotel ULC

Such a loony place

Such a funny place

Plenty of room at the Hotel ULC

Any time of year, you can find us here"

Meredog's definitely twisted, at least the mail that he sends

Elphaba's got some pretty toys, that she calls "friends"

How they dance in the Forum, some perspire, some sweat

Some dance without partners, some are just there to fret

So I came to the Forum

And I started my whine

I said, "I haven't seen such weirdness here...since I met Divine!"

And still those flame wars are calling from far away

Writing parodies all through the night

That's when I hear them say...

"Welcome to the Hotel ULC

Such a loony place

Such a funny place

We're livin' it up at the Hotel ULC

Look up to the skies - bring your alibis

Ed Crain's on the ceiling

And Theresa could melt ice

And I said, "This is all just fantasy here, but the words sure sound nice"

And in the Off Topic Area

They gathered for the feast

They stroke it with their steely words

And it rises just like yeast

Last thing I remember, I was

Typing on the floor

I had to find the hot-link back

To the thread I was before

"Relax", said the Admin

"There's no Communion to receive,

You can logout any time you like,

But you can never leave!"

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