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  1. That may be true for some but not all and it really does depend on the circumstances of the situation and the mindset of the person. It truly is a case by case scenario. That's like judging ALL people for one persons actions. Honestly do you think that's right?
  2. Well, I'd have to say to those people that we'd have to agree to disagree on that one, lol. God gave us the gift of free will for a reason. We are built to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes in hope of never repeating them. Do I believe that we are punished for our mistakes by God? No, we punish ourselves with our mistakes not by God. Why would God punish us, even out of love, for mistakes that we make out of free will and free thought as a learning and teaching tool that God gave us to begin with? God, in my eyes, does not judge. God may send messages in various ways to help steer cl
  3. That is an excellent way of looking at things! Life is an uphill struggle for all of us, but as we climb further up we are simply that much closer to the top which is much better than being back at the bottom just looking up, lol. I am glad that you're doing something and are able to help others when needed. I, along with others I'm sure, would love to know how things turn out for you so please keep us posted.
  4. I cannot help you, Lightfoot, as far as locating work goes but I do have quite the opinion on this subject matter... First, if you think about, maybe the reason they go back to their "old" ways is exactly for that reason; society doesn't give them a chance at redemption. Some of these people are thrown to the streets with nothing more than the clothes they went in with. Many without family or friends to help get them back on their feet. Where are these people supposed to go and do in order to survive? Many of them are willing to do more crimes for the simple fact getting to be able to do the t
  5. It is Pantheism in a way, but I'm more of a New Spiritualist based on the fact that I believe in a God that consists of free will and free thought and I believe in a "universal" religious unity. Individualized in a way being the greater part of everything else as a whole. The most common part in Pantheism and New Spirituality would be the belief that everything IS God (or, in actuality, smaller portions of the infinite source). Honestly if I had to label myself into a religious category it'd be MUT-ism (the mix of many religions -- I think I made that up, lol) . Here are a few fundamentals tha
  6. That is a perfect example of why words are so misleading yet it's impossible to share thoughts from one human to another via a forum without the use of labels or words. I cannot implant my truth into another person; for their interpretation is of their own mindset and understanding. I am NOT here trying to simplify God in the least nor am I trying to push on to anyone my beliefs, but I am simply looking from within myself trying to interpret my feelings into words that can be seen and understood by others to the best of my abilities. I am not in any way trying to sum up God as a whole or name
  7. In all actuality, for those who'd like to bring up that my view brings God into a simple form of understanding, I think that it actually extends the mystery even further especially when you bring in the individuality playbook and reasoning. I promise I will delve further into this when I have a little bit more time on my hands for it'll be an extended topic I'm sure. I think that if you are interested more in this spiritual unity you would rather enjoy our website at: I hope to see you ALL there and a participating in our forums regardless of your beliefs. Blessi
  8. For thousands of years people have asked the question who or what is God? Many people believe God to be something different from one another depending on what their cultural and spiritual belief system is based upon. I, personally, think that God is a far more powerful being than any human could ever imagine. I think that God is an intelligent infinite emotional energy source that gives us all as individuals a way of expression and individualism, a way of living; the gift of life. Unlike the Christian belief, I do not think of Jesus as being the one and only son of God. I do, however, think t