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  1. This is cute, but, science tends not to deny what it doesn't know, such as what happened before the big bang. It's often misunderstood that science claims the big bang was the first instant. Actually, we just don't know how to tell what could have happened before.
  2. Things that are more personal than we have a precedent for. After I share something, you can ask about similar things, but before then I haven't made it your business.
  3. Here's a hint folks: They are worth a lot more if you buy them without a reason at all. If you make your s.o. feel loved all the time you don't have to scramble to do it when you screw up!
  4. I feel comfortable answering anything. I have an opinion to fill every hole... But if my knowledge is sketchy, I try and qualify it as such.
  5. good for you!!! what kind of business is it? fingers crossed, good luck
  6. two or three. i remember lying on my back in a pew during mass and looking up. it was a dark church with lots of shadowy depths up at the ceiling and only a few stained glass window slivers in the walls. heh, in those days they would use an overhead projector and flimsies to put hymn lyrics up on the wall. maybe it was too dark to read a hymnal..
  7. Took me quite awhile to figure out some of these puzzles. The style is very neat, and I'd sooner call it a particle physics game than anything else -- but physics and music are both so fundamental that they match, and this flashy minimalism fits nicely. Play Auditorium. If you have trouble seeing it, you probably need Flash Player.
  8. This is very appealing Though it strikes me as the kind of thing that is vulnerable to "we cannot understand God so simply" arguments. Regardless, I think it is a fine spiritual foundation and I'd like to hear more!
  9. i have never heard of that ever. wouldn't there be scariness regulations? like the Spooky Act of '03 or something?
  10. This is a fantastic thread! Good luck in all the spiritual terrain your paths cover.
  11. Not a set amount, but my wardrobe discard pile ends up at Goodwill.
  12. Of course not! By itself, ethanol is not .. smooth .. but every alcoholic drink is alcohol plus something else that makes it less gross, and in many cases, delicious.
  13. the ancient greeks would view time as a line extending ahead of them into the past, and behind them into the future. in this way you walked backward through your life and could most clearly see where you had just been. i try not to view my present as the result of the past, though. cause and effect just go on forever, and that would lead me to think, "what should i have done?", which is totally negative. better to think, "this is where i am. what can i do from here?"
  14. there's more than one kind of confession; i will stick to the kind where you tell a neutral party, such as in the catholic confession sacrament. i think that if you go confess to a neutral party, you are seeking help. not only might you need guidance with respect to correcting your error, but also you are carrying guilt that you should not be burdened with. that guilt, if not dealt with, can eat you up and stop you from taking action in the future. so i think that this kind of confession is really, really good for you and for those around you.
  15. well rose, i suppose it's not just groups (schools of thought) but just different ways of thinking. gimme whatever you've got
  16. immoral actions are those you know to be harmful that you do nonetheless. inactions may also be immoral, for instance not educating yourself about what is and is not harmful.
  17. 1. we talk about really important stuff! 2. we talk about things i care about but would forget to think about if i wasn't reminded. so, it gets me thinking about things i should think about. 3. there's a high signal-to-noise ratio -- very little trolling and lots of well-intended writing. 4. the content is healthy to intake, much better than the news or TV! 5. it's really easy to check the View New Posts page and digest everything since my last visit. i do this every morning. 6. if i feel like only reading serious stuff, it's already categorized for me. i guess this is normal for most forums though... 7. forum members around here care about the community, the rules, and the quality of what's discussed. those that don't care don't stick around. it helps that this place is not heavily advertised or anything. it's like a little hole-in-the-wall bar that you stumble across and always come back to.
  18. i wear jeans and flip-flops a lot, pants of many pockets, loose button-downed shirts (never tucked in), and sometimes i even match!
  19. no, because if they ask about "people" i will try to use their definition of "people" when interpreting the sentence. for most folks that doesn't include pets. in the past i would stick it to them so they would learn what they are really saying, but that was only annoying to them and never did any good for either party.
  20. Today, not 2012, is where your attention should be! Which reminds me, I need to get back to work...
  21. Thank you both! I better hit the book store...
  22. I'm getting more interested in learning about what different people and groups think is the right way to live and act. My approach is to listen to all of it and try and distill the good stuff. Yesterday I read the Dhammapada and couldn't put it down! I don't subscribe to some of the assumptions it makes (that passion is 100% no good, etc.), but I love the way it says everything plainly and uses examples for extra clarity. It's also brief enough to be a quick tour and reference to the Buddha's teachings. I'm borrowing someone's copy and I'm not sure I want to give it back! Can anyone recommend other books that are good introductions to different ways of life, or anything at all that you think I ought to read? Thanks!