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  1. There are several terms you can use.. Father, Heavenly Father ect.. remember, even Jehovia Witness believe in God and worship him as a power greater than ourselves. The other suggestion I would offer is to call your local J. W. church itself and ask them directly if anyone can answer that question, they could.
  2. The following info comes from this site.. Ken Collins put alot of time and effort into this site. It's refrence link has a lot of useful info in it that should be on any Ministery site to help the up and coming minister learn what they need to do. I give it two thumbs up take a look below: When to Wear Which Stole Red Wear your red stole at Holy Week services, on Pentecost, at ordinations, and on services that commemorate the death of a Christian martyr. White Wear your white stole during the twelve days of Christmas, during the fifty days of Easter, at funerals, and at weddings. Wear it at any service that celebrates a secular holiday, and on certain special days, such as Epiphany Day, the Baptism of our Lord (which is the Sunday after the Epiphany), on Trinity Sunday, and All Saints Sunday. You can wear a small, white “portable stole†over your regular clothes when ministering to people in the presence of the deceased, or when conducting a funeral when full vestments are not practical for some reason. Purple Wear your purple stole during Lent and Advent. You can wear a small, purple “portable stole†over your regular clothes when hearing confessions (in Lutheran and Anglican churches), when conducting a counseling session (which is the same thing for the rest of us), and when administering Communion in the hospital. Green Wear your green stole whenever none of the above colors applies, mainly after Epiphany Day but before Ash Wednesday, and after Pentecost Sunday but before the first Sunday of Advent. Use these color guidelines for chasubles, too. Copyright ©1995-2005 by the Rev. Kenneth W. Collins and his licensors. All rights reserved. You can get permission to use this material. You can also write to Ken. This just a sampling of some of the info you can find on line if you are serious about doing ministery work and performing certain services using the Catholic or Prestibyters style dress wear. For most Christian Faith groups many do not wear any type of collars, or stoles when preaching. Many will show that they are a part of the ministery by simply wearing a small lapel style cross pin on the left breast lapel. There are however many who will were cassocks or robes while preaching or performing weddings. In these cases, then you would reffer to the above color guidelines. The choice is yours. When I first started, I wore street clothes ( suit and tie with pin ). As I became more involved, so did my attire. Most of my wedding clients ask that I NOT wear any clegical attire at all as they don't want show any signs of "church involvement" faith belief in the wedding. Remember, you are going to be the closest thing to the only version of the Bible the person may ever read.. so be accurate, authenic, and diplomatic. Know before you Go! If you don't know the subject, learn about it! A good minister is one who is a great teacher. He teaches by showing those who haven't a clue what to do by doing those things correctly in his or own life. We must remain above reproach but yet remain approachable. Ahhh the useless info one retains from seminary isn't it grand... hehe