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  1. My thoughts go to your family. Larry sounds like a wonderful man. He knew that he was ready to move on to the next step and had faith in his Lord, and that is the best that someone can ask for.
  2. Catching my breath. Just finished a long run of weddings, next one scheduled isn't till October. Unless I get more last minute bookings...

  3. What Kokigami says. Because it is highly unbelievable that someone can live in a house with internet access and not "have access" to it. And their stance on that will not change.
  4. booked a wedding July 17th. Hopefully I will feel better by then.

  5. I feel lucky that Texas also has very lax marriage laws. And we are not simply looking to establish a permanent home just to avoid criticism. This is a project we are enthusiastic about because it will be a nice place to hold seasonal festivals and weddings and other events, things that right now we are lacking the proper space for. I will still readily minister to anyone online who wishes it, but am excited about the idea of being able to share so much with the community in this way. Honestly, being in South Texas and not being a christian establishment will garner us a ton of criticism regardless, but this will not stop us from wanting a home to call our own.
  6. So far, I have only gotten a negative response to my ordination once. I was at a sale picking up some supplies, and I got talking to one of the people running the sale. I mentioned doing a wedding, and he, being a retired minister himself, asked what church I belonged to. I responded that I was not employed by a local church, and that my ordination was from one that would probably be best described as a universalist church (which was the safest answer, as I live in the bible belt and most people aren't too comfortable with my kind) and he went "Oh, I figured it was one of those..." Of course, around here, I feel that the source of ordination isn't as shocking as the fact that females can get one. I have gotten looks and heard comments at weddings in the past, by older relatives who were shocked to see a female officiant. While I have not yet encountered much discrimination due to the source of my ordination, I am working on taking the steps to circumvent too much of it. A few associates and I are working on fund raising and saving, in hopes to acquire a permanent space to set up a church, other than a private home. Who knows, maybe that will make me seem more credible.
  7. The reality is, to get a work visa for Japan, you will need a bachelors degree in the field you plan to work in from a known accredited 4 year university. The only way around this is to have about 8+ provable years of experience in the field. And even then, the offices are hesitant to issue the visa without a degree. You would also need a company willing to sponsor you, and it is likely that no company will go to bat for you without the degree.
  8. My best wishes go out to all of those affected by the happenings yesterday at Fort Hood in Texas. I hope for peace for those killed, a quick recovery to those injured, and help and justice for those responsible. Fort Hood Shootings I wasn't sure whether to post here or in current events, but current events is locked out of my updated posts list because of people acting like children, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this, because I believe quite a few of you may have friends and loved ones over there as well.
  9. I was pleased. My daughter wanted to go out trick or treating, but none of us were feeling the greatest, so we decided to stay in. She spent the evening standing by the door handing out candy to visitors and told me that it was more fun to give candy than to take candy.
  10. And for those who follow the old calendar, Happy New Year.
  11. To start a congregation, one must: 1. Become ordained by the ULC. 2. Have 2 other people, over the age of 18, to act as Secretary and Treasurer. The three of you make up the "Board of Directors" for your congregation. 3. Send the completed application along with a $35.00 donation to the International HQ (Modesto). 601 Third Street, Modesto, CA 95351 They will file the application, issue you a congregation number, and send you a certificate. They then ask that you file a quarterly report with them. All of the forms needed can be gotten from ULC HQ and found in "A Textbook About Universal Life Church" that was available from the bookstore. However, in an attempt to simplify matters for you, and to be helpful to others, I have scanned the necessary forms. ULC Congregation Agreement / Application ULC Quarterly Report ULC Minutes Record ULC Board Resolutions Record ULC Journal Record ULC Contribution Receipt If you have any other questions, you can pm me or call HQ directly at 209-527-8111.
  12. About half way through "Faerie Wars" by Herbie Brennan. Somewhat simplistic, but a decent read, with a good bit of insight into the political mindset.
  13. If you are concerned about this, consider filing with Ulc HQ to be on record as a congregation. That way, if the State tries to argue it, there are documents supporting your claim.
  14. I would like this too. I sent you a PM a while back with my email address in it. let me know if you didn't get it, and I will re-send it.
  15. Best way to find all necessary details is to call your local county clerk.
  16. I believe that "fear" of the number 666 is unwarranted, by the standard that several "facts" in the bible are altered or corrupted, and this is likely one of them. In the times that the bible was originally written, numbers were not as they are today, so there is a chance that the word translated as "six" could have been something all together different. I am not overly superstitious, but I do have some numbers which I guess I could consider "lucky". I like the number 8. For some reason, I always have a good feeling about it. I can't explain it. I like the number 4. It gives me a feeling of strength when I feel weak. Perhaps because I equate it with the very similar planetary symbol for Jupiter, and I see Jupiter as an icon of strength and might. I like the number 13. Only 2 or three times a year is there a Friday the thirteenth. I know it is the same with all other numbers, but this particular date is more noted because of the hype it has gained over the years. And every time one occurs, I have a very good day. If someone asks me my "lucky number" I usually tell them 13, for the reaction. heh. Side note: My mother was born to a Catholic family. She was born on 6-26-60 at 6:06 am and weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces. She had fun with that growing up.
  17. Just finished Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Wasn't expecting a lot, it being young adult novel and all, but it wasn't written too badly. And by far less cheesy than the movie version.
  18. Aina


    Is there anyone on these boards who has performed a marriage in Montgomery County in Texas? I would like to talk to someone else about their experiences.
  19. It all depends on who is asking. When talking to my kids and my pets, I refer to them all as siblings....
  20. Key Lime!! I can't believe no one else said that. I have heard good things about green tomato pie, but haven't gotten to try one. I think I have a similar recipe, but for Baileys Irish Creme. (I have a Baileys cookbook....)
  21. I'd have to say the chocolate. I would love some home made peanut brittle, but I have developed a terrible peanut allergy, so no more for me. Some days I want a pb&j so badly... you never know how much you will miss it until you can't have it anymore.
  22. Whatever is usually nothing. Haha, no, I'm not really that bad. Though, I do have a habit of running around my home in nothing, or close to it. It is comfortable. When I have to go out, it is either jeans and a tshirt, or my "hippie" skirts (faire garb XD ) and a tank top. Again, comfort matters most.
  23. I believe the series discussed is the Dragon Riders of Pern set.... There are like a bazilloon of them. I own about half. I tried to read this set. I got a deal on the hardbound books, so I bought about 95% of the series, but have never gotten past the first one. I found it to be conceptually such an obvious rip off of LOTR that I became bored very fast. I was told that the later books were much better, so I will try to read them if I ever make it through the first one. (I am OCD about having to read book sets in order.) Now, I have a few suggestions that noone else has made. 1. Familiar Dragon set by Daniel Hood (A Familiar Dragon, Kings Cure, Scales of Justice - Actually 5 stories, but the first three Fanuilh, Wizard's Heir, Beggar's Banquet are often sold as one volume in a book titled A Familiar Dragon) 2. Boudica series by Manda Scott (Actually historical fiction, but has fantasy aspects and is overall a wonderful set of books. I couldn't put them down.) 3. Guardians series by Mary Jo Putney (This is for those who enjoy a little romance novel mixed in with their fantasy.) 4. Unicorn and Pirate series by Tanith Lee (I think these are designed for younger readers. They can get campy at times, but are good for anyone on a lower reading level, or who doesn't have the patience to read long books.) Thats all I cam think of now, but if you run out of good reads, just ask. I read a lot. (It took me one week to read the entire Harry Potter series...)
  24. My blessings go out to your family in your time of loss.