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  1. There is a couple that wants to get married. They've asked me to officiate. I know the laws for California, where I lived when I became ordained. But the laws for NY are confusing. They want to get married on Long Island which is outside NYC. I called the county clerk who said I had to talk to someone in the town that the marriage is taking place. She gave me a number and I called it (I can't remember which office it was...these people talked too fast). That person transferred me and the next person did as well. Finally I got someone. I asked "What is needed for a minister to be able to perform a marriage?" The answer I received was, "They must be ordained and have a congregation." I'm a little confused as she didn't say what exactly constitutes a "congregation". I do have a group that gets together to worship on a monthly basis (sometimes more). There are 6 of us and somehow I wound up leading everything. Does that count? My husband said I should call them back but the woman was a little rude. She hung up on me right after telling me what was needed. I would call and complain about it but I don't know who to complain to. I'm not even sure what office I was talking to since they transferred me so many times. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.