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  1. It's working now. I don't log in very often, but it seems each time I do, something has changed. I am quite certain that I did not disable my own PM access. Thank you for your time, MD.
  2. [#10227] You are not allowed to use the private messaging system. This is what I get for being coool without joining a club, eh? lol
  3. Thanks. It's nice to be missed. I don't underestimate the effect of interaction with other lifeforms, in general. According to the CDC, simply having a pet to keep you company can increase your lifespan. However, I also can see the benefit of being fooled by someone who's palming chicken livers from under the table, and pretending to pull them out of a cancer victim. Pleseabos can give people the hope they need to keep fighting, but noone can put their hands on someone, and produce results worthy of passing a test under scientific scrutiny. At least, noone who's willing to do so, as of yet.
  4. Noone seems to be able to pass tests. Otherwise, someone would have Randi's money by now. The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge
  5. Wow. That's two short posts in a row. In case you didn't read Soph's links, retconning is something that is done in response to new writers coming in with new ideas, or just the old writers being forced to change the story that was written. In the later case, it's either caused by their publishers or editors, or by themselves after coming up with new ideas that did not fit with the old. Regardless of who is responsible, retconning makes for a weak explanation. Ask Cathy Bates. “HE DIDN’T GET OUT OF THE COCKADOODIE CAR!” ~Misery~
  6. I used to complain about the smiley face stickers, that walmart employees put on children at the entrance, as being the mark of the beast.
  7. I thought Reverend X was a hell of alot more entertaining, **! GM
  8. I think you should ask your husband to take out a 30 year loan, with a very high interest rate, so you two can live it up for the next three years. He can't say no, and still argue the point. Can you say "Shopping Spree"? GM
  9. That got retconned. It's "genetically engineered spider bites" that currently produce superpowers. I kinda thought everybody knew that. GM
  10. I'll be hoping for the best. Good luck to you, brother. Namaste, GM.
  11. a cliché requires definitely broken eggs Or was it ciché? Je suis confus
  12. Thanks, Murph and Ed. Alotta good stuff comes in here. I was worried that there had been a house cleaning. Visions of bonfires fueled by poetry danced through my head, for a hot minute. I just finnished reading 1984, so I prolly gotta lil paranoid about history being erased. Again, thanks. GM.
  13. This is great stuff, Qryos! It brings to my attention, also, that there are no other topics but this one. What happened to the older works that were here?
  14. There were only four characters in the movie who looked like monsters, and of those only one was involved in a fight. One thing I wished they'd not left out was the part when Xerxes sent spies the night before battle to see how the Spartans were preparing. The spies returned stating that the Spartans were braiding each other's hair. Gotta love the Greek. Cheers, GM.
  15. I thought he was kinda hot. A lil too tall for my taste, but I have a soft spot for Sissy Boys.
  16. Differences ROCK! Welcome to the Melting Pot, my friend. Cheers, The Greedy Monk.
  17. Just finnished the first 7 books in the "Wildcards" series. Each book has multiple authors, but I enjoyed the writing of John J. Miller and Roger Zelazny the most. Great for anyone who likes Superheroes.
  18. May Lida walk home with our warmth to sooth her heart. Namaste, GM.
  19. Croyd said "Holidays, can be the cruelest of times. At least I got wine." GM.
  20. Currently I am reading the "Gor" series by John Norman. I feel that femanists would find these books particularly interesting, to say the least.
  21. Hey everybody! He's thinkin for himself! Get him!!!
  22. Hmm, have you read the Butlerian Jyhad Series by Brian Herbert? If you have not, you may want to. It could change your opinion of his writing. GM.
  23. Praise be to the Old Ones and to H.P. Lovecraft, thier prophet! Praise Cthulhu, Pazuzu and Him Who Is Not Named! Yog-Sothoth is the key! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!! I recommend "The Mountains of Madness" and "The Dunwich Horror". Both excellent reads. GM.