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  1. Marty had to go to Wal~Mart and try to find a new Mojo, but they didn't have his size. Discouraged, he headed out the door and literally ran into........
  2. But then, just as everything looked just fine, hundreds of millions of militant three toed tree sloths swooped in, enraged about........
  3. I created Cafficurianism simply by deciding to follow the rules as I saw them.
  4. I might go see it at the $2 theater but I really doubt it, it's not all that interesting a concept to me.
  5. Your review makes it sound like it should get -3 out of 5 stars....
  6. I hated it, and it didn't end soon enough for my tastes.
  7. Yes, Josh, it is/was. There are occasional reruns on the Sci-Fi channel. Very occasional. They used to be on once a week, but I haven't seen it in ages now.
  8. The joke isn't funny......The movie would probably be really dead to me.
  9. My list could be long, but here are some highlights.... Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Ten seasons is not enough!!!) Dungeons and Dragons (80's cartoon) Alien Nation Space: Above and Beyond The Chronicle Mystery Science Theater 3000 (I love that show, I want it back!!! My 100+ tapes and DVD are not enough!!) Futurama Battlestar Glactica (A teenager actually killed himself when BsG was taken off the air. Not the new Sci-Fi channel crap, the real show)
  10. I loved QAF. It was the soap opera that ever caught my eye and really sucked me in, despite the over-done nude scenes and sex scenes. I want to go fetch it on DVD. Is it even still on? I don't get Showtime anymore.
  11. Haven't seen it, don't plan to see it. Every Pastor I know recommends NOT seeing it, because supposedly it's about gay cowboys. Ummm......Yeah.......It is about gay cowboys........But it's more than that. It's not some sort of documentary on the lives of gay cowboys or something. It's a dramatic film, a movie, you know, a story? So what if there are gay characters? Would you stop coming into this forum if there were gay people here?
  12. I'm just waiting for it to hit Pay-Per-Veiw so I can see it. That is assuming my local cable server carries it.I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get it.
  13. The PTC didn't have anything to do with Book of David. The PTC is on a mission to cancel wrestling, nothing else, at least, nothing else I know of. It was the AFA (American Family Assoc.) who was against Book of David, and I bleieve they had a hand in its demise. At least three NBC affiliates pulled the show before it even aired, I don't think that was a problem with ratings.
  14. It's amazing how a small group of people, the AFA in this case, can kill a TV series. I am always surprised the PTC (Parents Television Council) has not yet been able to have professional wrestling removed from TV, their leader has been fighting against wrestling for years. There has to be a reason people feel the need to keep shows off the air, there has to be a reason they think that veiwers are not able to seperate TV show from reality and not able to change the channel or turn the TV off. The way television and radio are censored is wrong in my opinion. If a show has words in it I don't want my kids to hear, I can change the channel. If a show is too violent or too dirty, I can change the channel. I can even set my cable box to not allow the kids to access those channels without my passcode, so the argument that they'd watch "bad things" when I was not around is moot at best. Whyt do the most sensitive people get to make all the rules for those of us with a thick skin, or those of us who just have any skin at all? Some of the rules are waaay out there! I have heard the names of body parts bleeped out, the proper names for body parts! Why? Why, why why?
  15. he dies in all of the remakes... i have heard that there were grown men crying by the end when he dies though. must be a pretty powerful piece of work, i mean, it is peter jackson after all. Peter Jackson...Did you see Meet the Feebles? If not....Don't. Trust me, it's foul and vile. It features puppet porn, graphic, no less, horrendous bloody murder (including a mother decapitated infront of her child), makes light of drug abuse and AIDS.....And to top it off, the lighting really sucks. I mean, not only is it horrid and actually disturbing (and I ate pasta with tomato sauce while watching Faces of Death), but the presentation sucks, too. It was the first thing I saw from Peter Jackson. I did not actually look forward to LotR, but, thankfully, I was surprised.
  16. Sky High is great, I've seen it four times already, just since Christmas when my daughter got it from Grammie.
  17. You do realize that protests get a lot of media coverage and that ends up giving the film a lot of media coverage, which means a lot of people who might not have heard of the film would hear about it and some of them might go see it? Or, to put it another way, there was oncea stipper who came to Waterville Maine. He was Johnny something, and there were portests galore. He addressed the protesters after he had completed all his shows, thanking them for the free publicity. He had a bigger turnout than he'd ever had before. The protesters had the exact opposite effect. When it comes to publicity, a lot of people feel there is no such thing as bad punblicity, since anything that gets your name out there can pique the interest of someone. Please forgive the typos and errors in this post, it is very very difficult to type with a grumpy three-year-old calling fora carrot and dangling off your arm. Crazy little guy!
  18. I want to see it, so I'm waiting until the price comes down to my level....Pay-Per-Veiw or the $2 theater....I can't even afford a film in a movie house even if I sit in the aisle with one eye taped shut for a discount.
  19. I always liked the books as just a series of fantasy books. If others read symbolism into them, that's just dandy for them, but to me, they're just fantasy books, and really good ones at that. I need to go buy a set for myself and my kids. I must have read "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" a hundred times. You know, I want to see that one as a movie, I want to see dufflepuds on the screen!
  20. I have tried it. Didn't get anywhere, but I tried it. I'm not the most musical guy you'll meet.
  21. Anyone see The Truth About Jane or Chasing Amy? Those were really good, too. Chasing Amy is less about a lesbian than a bisexual woman who starts dating a man, but it started out as a lesbian and her male buddy. By the end of the film we know a lot more about her and her sexual identity. Good flick, sad ending. Sometimes a tear-jerker is just what you want. Anyone see But I'm a Cheerleader? It was OK, but could have been SOOO much better.... Anyone see Together Alone? That was a wicked drab movie. Slow moving, B&W, only two characters, very drab. Not a great flick, but...ok, there's no "but" it just wasn't a great film. I'll try to think of more. Anyone know any decent films with bisexual men who are anything but sex fiends or gay (or hetero) men in transit from one sexual identity to another? If you know any titles, shoot them my way? Thanks.
  22. I can't get it to work. :cry: :weep: :sniffle: :tear: I'm gonna find a crying emoticon!! ( :boohoo: Do we not have one?? There are so many.....
  23. I'd still be reading them if I still had my old coipies! Did anyone else ever see the last live-action movies they made about Narnia? I remember Warwick Davis played Reepicheep, but I really don't remember much else....Other than I loved them. I am waiting with baited breath! (Even if they are based on the New Testament)
  24. Don't forget The Hobbit! I loved Battlefield Earth and I mean the book, not the horrible, rotten, crappy returned-it-to-Blockbuster-after-30-minutes movie. I also loved Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Lost World. I just got some Tom Clancey books, I'll offer an opinion when I finishe a couple.
  25. I saw the first three in the theaters on their first runs, and I have never missed a chance to watch them again. I don't like the new editions or the three new movies, but....I am there for the ORIGINAL Star Wars.