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  1. Tru2u

    Merry Christmas Lady Liberty

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. I wanted to be ordained but didn't have the funds for a seminary school. Plus, my spiritual views changed over the years. I enjoyed the diversity of people here. My goal is to have brick and morter building instead of using the meeting room at the public library. I have volunteered to be the contact person in Florida for FL Congregations and hope to one day get everyone here together for a convention of some sort. I volunteer also as a Chaplain in my Fire District.
  3. Take good care and best of luck and blessing in your future.
  4. I find it giving of whatever resources I have to others. It can be something simple to something complex at times. It's the calling of my spirit to reach out and to give to others.
  5. Tru2u

    Memorial Day

    Peace to you as well!
  6. Tru2u

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to any Woman or Man that goes to serve the Country!
  7. That is sad news. I hope the damage can be repaired soon and that it doesn't happen again.
  8. Tru2u

    Letters Of Good Standing

    Troy, I haven't opened a bank account or filed with the county as I do not perform marriages at this time. I will look into information at the UU congregation that I frequent and check into their details. I look forward to see you on the forum. Tru2u Florida
  9. Tru2u

    The 241

    They are remembered.
  10. I will send good vibrations his way. My condolences to you and yours tru2u
  11. I shall pray for our ULC Brothers and Sisters in distress or that are experiencing hard times. You're welcome Raincloud.
  12. Almighty God, give us the strength and courage to stand when we are faced with trials and tribulations. Unite us in our cause. Be ever watchful over us. Amen