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    South Jersey

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    I am an author: five books: 4 sci-fi books & 1 humorous memoir. I am a professional blogger, life coach & psychic medium
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    2 dogs a chihuahua and a toy yorkie
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    grateful for my family, my nine grandchildren, and great grandson
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    We are all extensions of GOD
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    Christian, but respect all religions

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    retired from the Academy of Natural Sciences
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  1. I had submitted my essay on Doctor of Christian Science: The Four Gospels on February 6th. I am hoping I passed. I know I must wait for the results, but will you also notify us via email?
  2. I am, although it took a while to get use to the translation from Greek
  3. I've just started taking the first of seminary classes: The Unvarnished Gospels... I am really enjoying them.