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  1. More babble from the bibble. Anyone who quotes from the bibble as if to prove a point clearly suffers from some form of mental illness. It would be like quoting from Harry Potter and referencing all the other Harry Potter books as additional proof. Why do we suffer the weak-minded?
  2. Historically it was more of a 'jesus for jews' kind of a thing. It is a bit confusing, if a jew is for jesus doesn't that, by default, make him an x tian?
  3. I've been popping in for a while, but it's often quiet...
  4. I kid, a few good friends are all that's needed. Quality over quantity all day long
  5. Some of the friends I have...might as well be my enemies instead
  6. "So if someone wears a cross they should put it inside their shirt? How about a star of david? " Did not say or suggest that...at all "I thought it was appropriate to wear necklaces outside of the shirt and not hidden away?" It's neither appropriate nor inappropriate, wearing a cross, any religious symbol, was not my point. "Or is this just your special rule for religious pendants?" Intentional or not this is what came across as 'attitude'. In any case perhaps go back an read the conversations leading up to my comments, it's about context. "Is it only the cross?
  7. Come at the question without the attitude and I'll be glad to clairify
  8. Yes but...I'm not talking about someone who wears a cross on a chain that maybe visible depending upon what the wearer is wearing, nor am I talking about nuns or priests or the like who wear a cross outside of their clothing as part of their uniform. Not even talking about a person who, as a result of some physical maneuvering has flipped their cross onto the outside of their shirt,etc. What I am talking about is someone who buttons his shirt up to to the top button with the cross intentionally 'isolated' from accidentally NOT being seen. I get the yarmulke, it's part of a person's
  9. The first time I saw a tv add for a certain pillow company I immediately knew the guy was a cryster. How? Because he had his shirt buttoned up to the top button but was wearing his plus sign on a chain outside his shirt. Why? To specifically let people he was a cryster. There is/was absolutely no reason to announce that other than to just put it in people's faces. Turns out he (no surprise, really) is a uuge drumpf fan. And turns out (nice surprise) a number of companies will no longer carry his product because of his support for drumpf and the insurrection (and unsurprisingly) all
  10. I meant as it was a more appropriate forum and any 'interference' could be removed
  11. So why not move the discussion over to - http://ulc.net/forum/forum/153-earthnature-based-indigenous-religions/ where the conversation can be more broadly discussed while limiting it to poly/pan etc to the exclusion of monotheism. It would be an interesting discussion to follow along with (because I really have nothing to offer other to it)
  12. Insofar as I can see, a polytheist can present their viewpoint just as easily as a monotheist. I can not believe in many gods as easily as I can not believe in one god. Regardless of who defines what, in the end it's up to the person believing to define for themselves what it is they believe in. Maybe because in western society monotheism is more the 'norm'. But then there are a lot of hindus, my partner is hindu and from him, family and friends I've been exposed to some of their beliefs and traditions. They have an interesting cafeteria approach to polythei
  13. I suppose that's true but since muslims as a general rule aren't trying to force their way into the american public sphere, they aren't the threat that x tians are
  14. Who says it was a monotheist who made that definition? And shouldn't there be a common definition for words? Otherwise how would be communicate effectively?
  15. If cheeses is just a mystical shaman then I can get it. If instead they accept cheeses as the son of dog then...nope, not agnostic
  16. And therein lies the rub: The Satanic Temple, while a religion, does not believe in supernatural creators or beings, including Satan. I think it can best be described as a humanist approach to religion. Put another way, where ever there is an evangelical, aggro, religio-pathic entity that feels it's their right to push their beliefs and agendas into the public sphere (public property, schools, town/city hall, TST will be there, advocating in favor of those entities pushing into the secular world. At a cost, of course. TST welcomes religious intrusions as it then allows TST to 'offer' one of th
  17. I accept that irrationality is paramount in most religions. But agnostics are almost by definition rational since they believe only what is knowable, whereas any form of theism/deism is irrational as it supposes some kind of supernatural being/creator be it knowable or unknowable. I can only believe in that which is provable, or very nearly so. There is not full agreement that at the center of our, and many other galaxies a black hole, or that black holes even exist, but enough scientific evidence suggests that that is indeed the case. We know 'gravity' exists as it's provable, but
  18. At one point I toyed with the idea of being a teacher. For two years I worked as a substitute teacher in three different school systems mostly middle school. I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed teaching the kids. I learned to dislike many teachers and parents weren't far behind teachers on my dislike list. Instead I spent a number of years working as assistant director, educator and program development at a nature center. It ticked all the boxex. Except for money, C'est la vie. I too am an ordained with the title of Reverend as well as an Honorary Doctor of Divinity. The
  19. A contradiction. "The agnostic believes only what is knowable. He rejects revelation and the doctrine of the Trinity as “past human understanding.” He is neither theist, deist, nor atheist, as all these are past understanding." "A theist believes there is a God who made and governs all creation; but does not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, nor in a divine revelation." As I read it one can be either one or the other but not both.
  20. So, agnostic theist: a contradiction or an oxymoron? Discuss
  21. We all make poor choices at one time or another. Trick is whether or not one learns from those choices. Some of us have. Clearly others have not.