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  1. Absolutely we won't come to any overall conclusions. I'm pretty sure it isn't going to be possible as long as fundamentalist ideas of any religious belief system exists. It doesn't hurt (well, not usually anyway) for more reasonable people to discuss those beliefs and differences, even if we don't follow them or believe them ourselves.
  2. Certainly agree there. Part of it is in understanding the different ways people learn. Part of it is being more concerned with figures and test rather than the students themselves and what they are learning, or on what is actually needed. I've been saying for years the whole system needs an overhaul. It's too widely spread in ideas of what should be taught district by district, state by state. I don't see it getting much better with that DeVey, DeVoy, whatever her name is in charge at the federal level now.
  3. That belief and truth are the same as fact. The very idea that any one belief could possibly be absolute is mind boggling to me and could quite possibly be the root misconception across the board.
  4. Interesting. I guess it's a different idea of what a soul is perhaps? I have always thought of the soul as the energy consciousness of us without the ego anyway. Spirit seems to me attached here due to the ego, earthly attachments, fear, etc.even when disembodied. I read somewhere there is research going on having to do with ego being related to or somehow connected to environment and our personal biochemical makeup, or perhaps strongly affected by it. I don't recall where I read it, if it's being privately done or scientifically and publicly funded though I'd think if it was publically funded it would be posted and updated some were regularly. I'll have to dig a bit for that some time I guess. It seems back in the 70s there were a lot of scientific and spiritual blends of research, some leaning more one way or the other. Because it's an unseen element in the physical sense, it's as difficult as air to nail down or wild energy to control. Being a mom, a wife and having headaches that limit my reading time (always had them off and on) I can't seem to dig as often or as deep as I'd like to.
  5. I don't wear a lot of jewelry. On occasion I do wear a pendant related to Hekate and wear a small, thin pinky ring with a tiny little pentacle on it. It isn't usually noticed even in this very christian farming down in the bible belt. I usually save them for related activities or gatherings. At home I keep a household altar that is fairly modest and benign. The only thing that might even get attention is a small statuette that is a modern depiction of Hekate. The rest of the house is pretty secular and comfortable. Unless someone wanders into my kitchen/dining area directly they might not even notice it.
  6. Homesick? I am not sure that's quite the right word. To me it denotes a physical place you felt the safest, where life seemed a lot more simple, nurturing and supportive. Some people never had that. Others never got away from it. I think one of the things that is forgotten in the whole spiritual exploration is that, regardless of what we do spiritually or what we believe, we are still attached to the physical. Ignoring that part of us throws the balance off. Tending to the needs of the physical body, understanding we all have biochemical levels that can get thrown off if we don't move and feed the body properly is a strong grounding point. Also making sure it isn't a chemical imbalance throwing off how we may think or feel is important to know about to make sure what you are experiencing isn't a medical condition. That isn't to say I think everyone who does these things are crazy (some may disagree with that, to each their own. What I am saying is that medical conditions can make a person feel, see and hear a variety of things mistaken as spiritual. If exploring those spiritual realms is something you do regularly, stay grounded by making time for the physical needs with a clear and focused understanding it is a necessary and important part of existing in this world.
  7. Basics, yes, you can't cook without juggling numbers... or balance a checkbook properly... but for the majority of the more complicated maths... You'd have to be in a scientific field to need it. There are a few others, architect comes to mind, computer programing seems to need it (my son is on the programing path) to start. I have a friend who majored in maths and she gave me the rundown once years ago. My head nearly exploded. She, luckily had mercy and spared me the full distance she could go with it. Trust me, I think she became the nearest thing to a demi-god to me for that act alone.
  8. No argument on on the first point but on the second point Humanism is a philosophy in and of itself, as much as Atheism is and can be applied to it, but also can be applied to religion or lived as a spirituality. You are right though, it can be argued elsewhere. Back to the human soul. I am not sure there is any more solid, undeniable proof of it than there is any deity or opposing discussions wouldn't get so heated on either topic.
  9. LOL Yes, that's about the size of it. I still remember how to work a problem up to basic algebra but do not ask me terms. That is the fastest way to confuse me to a level of mind-mush.
  10. Yes, I think for me it does. I'm generally not a fighter. My points might be important to me but I do value other people's opinions enough to at least listen and try to understand or the conversation is just not meaningful enough to bother with. Part of the human condition as I understand it is to at least try. You just can't have any real semblance of a viable, working community without it. That doesn't mean always agreeing. I can be just as argumentative as anyone else. But listening and at least trying to understand is key.
  11. There is enough evidence in studies that support it helps. There is a pretty strong mind-body connection that indicates stress can complicate or slow healing if not dealt with in healthy ways. There is also plenty of evidence that massage and other touch therapies can help relieve the stresses, stimulate muscle and nerve responses, help with blood circulation, and allow the body to heal. Is it an end all, be all method of healing to be used alone? I would say no. But if it helps and the person in need welcomes such a therapy, it does seem to help quite a bit.
  12. If that were the case wouldn't it still be in Hebrew and Aramaic? Wouldn't there only be one version? A little digging has different versions using different words in some places. In addition just when each book was written and what region also affects the tone in earlier versions. The most popular version used in the Americas is the King James version or one derived from it which smooths out some of the tone but it has also been found to have a few drastic changes made according to his version of what it should be. I think this is probably true for many religions. Humanism seems to be the base for this era.
  13. Yes, I've run across some pretty hard skeptics too. Thing is that people area ll different in levels of belief or disbelief in any subject of plausibility. To paint a thick, clear line between believers and skeptics can completely disregard those who can be persuaded given enough evidence... and what kind.
  14. Yes, I think I missed it was a 2016 post. Either way, maybe someone currently or in the future might be able to use the ideas.
  15. In the case for Traditional Wicca, you are correct. There are some eclectics that claim Wicca who might not. But they would be more eclectic pagan than Wiccan specifically.