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  1. Agreed. Is discussing the differences considered disrespectful? Is disagreeing and explaining why considered disrespectful? Should questioning just not happen at all in case someone might take offence even when offence is not meant? Guess I'm trying to figure out where those lines are here as there are places that encourage the questioning and debating and others get angry the very idea.
  2. They have done bi-location studies. If I understand right, the Rhine Institute in Durham NC still does studies in various supernatural studies. I do believe they also have a website I believe. I haven't checked in on them in some time.
  3. Honestly I don't see it that differently. Even in Pantheism there are creation gods and gods that deal with death and the afterlife. I suppose maybe I see it as all the same, just different viewpoints to it.
  4. Gotcha. I guess that depends greatly on if you think God is intrinsically interwoven into such things. If one can disconnect the idea that a god created this world then why not disconnect the idea that a god has anything to do with an afterlife, that it could be an unseen realm connected to this earth and life on it? To me, that can be entirely possible. There have been plenty of case studies and experiments that support there is something along those lines regardless of how it got there. That isn't to say anyone must accept any evidence as absolute or that the evidence might be misinterpreted. But it has been and in some places still is important enough to put formal, scientific study to it.
  5. To keep in theme with the thread... I think there is a tug-of-war going on with Christianity and Secular ideals in the government and has been for the last... well... few decades as near as I can tell. It's clear to me there are some sects in Christianity that do want more control over or at least a strong sway over American government. I can't say all, I know many who are very clear on the divide between their own lifestyle and faith and where another person's rights to their lifestyle and faith is. However my main reason for posting here: I do have to say so far I'm impressed with how people here seem to be very self aware and pretty good at reigning in their own temperaments, calling themselves out and apologizing. It's refreshing. So many boards have such nasty arguments that degrade to the blame game and name calling instead of checking their own post to see if they might have overstepped somewhere. Kudoes! It's very refreshing!
  6. Absolutely. Though I do have to say hypotheticals and deeper thinking right along with it isn't so bad. I mean as long as we don't point fingers at anyone specific and keep it forefront that people are doing the best they can with what they have at any given moment... and that we all wobble in our beliefs or lack thereof... I think it's all ok.
  7. I've talked to a few in a pagan meet up. Interestingly enough one doesn't have to be directly tied to the other.
  8. I think there are levels depending on how educated a person is in history and religion both. Some just go on blind faith, where people take it on word of their pastor or priest without investigating since religious authorities should know. Then you have those who dig to different degrees, some strictly in scriptures while others go cultural and historical, then choose what they think is best and leave it at that. There are those who decide to stick with the core lessons of the holy book in question and take the rest more as mythology with moral and ethical examples and lessons to learn from rather than word for word truth. I guess I've had enough discussions and have overheard enough people chat about it that I'd prefer to believe those who are knowledgeable in history and culture, accept science and still manage to take the lessons as a moral guide than I would those just who just accept. I guess I just think a healthy level of skepticism no matter what your religious leaning is would be prudent, at least in my view.
  9. Just today whenever I click on the home tab I get bounced to the log in. It starts acting like it didn't recognize that I already am logged in. Now I only signed up yesterday morning but I don't remember it being an issue yesterday. Is this new?
  10. Thank you very much. I'll take a look.
  11. LOL Thank you very much... I think? Poking around I see quite a few interesting topics. Migraine had me off yesterday but hopefully I can settle into a few things over the next few weeks.
  12. Just wanted to get my own intro in here. I joined the site just this morning. So... on to the intro I guess... I'm in my mid-40s, Pagan since 1990 and interested in working on religious comparison and tolerance, particularly in the last few years. My Southern Baptist husband and I have been married for 22 years now without any religious conflict. I have one adult son who is currently undecided. So many people are leaning towards dealing with weddings and blessings, which are important and fantastic. But I feel there is a whole side being overlooked in the pagan community that deals with crisis. I'm here because I'd like to focus on study that will lead me towards doing alternative pastoral duties in hospitals and funeral rites, and pagan related counseling for those who are having trouble dealing with the passing of a loved one. I don't feel ready for such until I've gained a bit more proper study to that effect. I'm working through the social work side through other programs but would like to focus on the spiritual side as well. Anyway, greetings, well met and hope to see you all around.