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  1. The tighter the groups try to start out the more they seem to have very specific expectations as to how it should be run and who should be included. It doesn't surprise me they couldn't get along, providing that was the case.
  2. I don't know why but this whole paragraph had me forming the mental image of a Zeus like figure piering down and cackling maniacally at the messed up decisions some people make, and more so when they are so surprised at the outcome of those decisions. Yea, I know... sick, sad, silly... lol.
  3. I don't think anyone asked you to subscribe to or approve anything. The point was, this site supports and respects all faiths. If you belong here and insist on continuing you might wish to at least do that much, disagreements aside.
  4. Thank you to those who answered me about the NC laws on ordination. I didn't realize there was that much muck here to wade through. I haven't advertised yet but intend to. I need to dig through more laws and rights and get straight in my own head where the line is. You guys gave me a lot to mull.
  5. Supposedly so was Jesus, as a figurehead of a religious movement from Judaism to Christianity and as a teacher of love and charity.. and the way to his father God.
  6. Could it have been a common law instance? Some states had them, might still have them on the books. The only reason I thought of it is that my mother lived with the man she's married to now for 11-12 years, basically acted married. Roughly 8 years in I was out with her and we happened upon some of her co-workers who asked her if she'd married him yet. She said they fell under common law marriage a year or so earlier, so they may as well make it official. Then she quipped she was working on him. They have been married since the 90s. I'd already moved to NC and couldn't afford the flight to attend.
  7. Unfortunately half the marriage is a legal documentation. Clearly you can have a ceremony and be seen as married by the church and whichever god you follow, but the reason many places has a marriage licensing system is for that legal side. It gives a legal bearing on how to handle belongings should one or the other pass unexpectedly. It gives the rights for sharing insurance through work or in any government related programs. If a government doesn't recognize an ordination as valid they can invalidate and dissolve the legal side of marriages performed by anyone ordinated under whatever organization they deem not legitimate under that laws of that state. This is why I'd like to see it cleared up. Was there some guff between ULC and someone in office back in the 80s who decided to push through such a thing? Is there a case working on this? I got ordained in Nov of 2015 and only recently looked up the law directly through an NC government pages. There is a clause there that validates only marriage pre July 1981 unless otherwise stated. This might just be sloppy writing but the whole statement makes it sound like ordinations can be refused by the state. I posted the specific sub-article below: ยง 51-1.1. Certain marriages performed by ministers of Universal Life Church validated. Any marriages performed by ministers of the Universal Life Church prior to July 3, 1981, are validated, unless they have been invalidated by a court of competent jurisdiction, provided that all other requirements of law have been met and the marriages would have been valid if performed by an official authorized by law to perform wedding ceremonies. (1981, c. 797.)
  8. This is pretty much my view. If it is a matter of opinion, even ego based opinion I can't call someone wrong, just that I disagree.
  9. It's more like experience, discussion and reading based but thank you. Your opinion is acknowledged even if I cant agree.
  10. Yes, I understand the purpose of communication is to pass information along. This is why I said when you tell someone WRONG they throw up blockers in communication. They scramble to defend their point rather than listen to yours. Communication is a two way street with both sides listening and responding, not just arguing their point. I can imagine you run across a lot of people backing down and think you won but the reality is, most generally don't wish to listen anymore and you haven't really given them anything to think about. Some might disregard it but most will pretty much think you are not interested in hearing their side of it. Both sides lose.
  11. Because it goes against the way the human communication generally works. When you tell someone they are wrong the automatic thing is to withdraw, concentrate more on defending their point and not listening to yours. It's a tactic for putting people on edge, not for sharing points of view. That's why it's interesting. Tells me a bit about how you operate on a more personal level in discussions.
  12. Very welcome. I posted to your other thread as well to bring up ideas on your other parts of your post. Glad the link did help you.
  13. I do believe the last time visited date is back in November of 2015 so you might not get an answer. You could do a search to see if anything comes up.
  14. It would be more maiden, mother, crone, but yes, there are a few deities that are said hold those aspects across several pantheons. It's possible these things are not related aside from being yours in experience. Your african fellow, as you described, is tickling my memory about something more specific, a ritual of sorts, but I can't put my finger on it. Look into Vodou spirits and deities. Pantheons can and do cross over from time to time. You don't have to follow, just learn. I think I posted to you elsewhere about the fox/child spirit with a link to an article. I can say the most common ones are out of the Chinese or Japanese Mythology. Again, don't have to follow but the more you learn about these things the easier time you have deciphering clues and hints and such like that. I have to wonder if these incidents are unrelated apart from they are happening around you specifically. Are you wrestling with some ideas about your chosen goddess perhaps? Trying to decide on something going on in life and hoping she'll gently guide you through or even tell you what you should do? It could also be part of the dreams that you can't recall, that little layover that sometimes stick with us when we wake but the dream is already fading or gone. Dreams are tricky that way and can take time to figure out sometimes. I find if I have a patch of troubling dreams to jot them down when I wake to help me not only remember them easier but also to work out the ones I'm stumped on by comparing it with whats going on in my life. Sometimes it simply is just working those things out in a more imaginative dream state. Anyway, that might get you started in figuring this out. Hope it helps.
  15. Is it possible for you to check in with those already doing both to see how they got started in the area you serve? See if you can get a few interviews, be an assistant and such until you get a foothold? Might be easier to get an idea of which to do when you have a better idea of what is needed.