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  1. I would like to see us to move more in line with other modern, progressive European countries who are closer to the socialist (lowercase "s") end of the pool than the capitalist side. I would like to see a form of government sponsored basic universal healthcare but not Obamacare. Privatization by utilizing for-profit insurance companies was not the answer. I also believe privatizing education and the prison systems are also errors. I am not naive to the inefficiency of government, but at least the premise of government run services is supposed to have the goal of providing services to its citi
  2. Hi Jonathan, Yes quite a difference between the third eye and the physical ones Bendithion, Gwynn
  3. Hi Gnostic Bishop, Good point. She did tend to use the feminine pronouns for God in context of her practice of Gnostic Christianity, but she used standard male pronouns when speaking in general to the public at large. Bendithion, Gwynn
  4. I agree with you about the oppression of women. This low status of women was a result of Christianity taking over in Europe. In the ancient Celtic world women had equal status. They could rule over tribes or provinces, become warriors or priestesses, and own personal property. I feel this was a reflection of the Celtic religion which taught of Goddesses who were equal or sometimes superior to the male Gods. Unfortunately spells are really only a type of prayer. Just as prayers are not always answered, spells are not always successful. There are other factors involved whether you call them
  5. I still prefer the triskele as my primary symbol, and I do believe it was more likely that the pentagram was brought into Wicca from Ceremonial magic. But there is proof that the Celts did indeed use the pentagram in ancient / pre-Christian times. Celtic coin, Cantii tribe, Dubnovellaunus, (c.25 BC-AD 5), gold Quarter Stater I know that saying the pentagram is not Celtic has been a mantra used against Wiccans by other Pagan groups, but apparently ancient Celts did use it. Whether they spontaneously came up with the five pointed symbol, inherited it from their preceding Indo-Euro
  6. Greatings, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Imbolc, Candlemas, or Gwyl y Canhwyllau in Welsh. Whatever your belief system, I hope this eve and tomorrow are happy times for you all Bendithion (Blessings), Gwynn
  7. Hi Cuchulain, I understand your point. My interactions are more like a voluntary suspension of disbelief than a headlong trip down the rabbit hole. I do not expect the Fair Folk to clean my kitchen and wash my dishes. Demons do not make my walls bleed, nor have I caught angels dancing on the head of a pin. When my car breaks down I go to a mechanic rather than invoking Govannon the Smith God to fix it for me. I live in the real world, but I do have a castle in Annwvyn/The Otherworld
  8. Gnostic Christianity has its Monad, Demiurge, Archons, Aeons, and a Goddess (Sophia, a personification of wisdom and female aeon/counterpart of Christ ). These aspects are every bit as supernatural as those found in other belief systems. Early Gnostic Christians were notorious for practicing magic and fashioning charms, examples of which still exist
  9. As a Polytheist, I interact with the Gods as I would a friend, lover, or family member depending on my relationship with a specific God. But it is not necessary for someone to have a God in his or her life. My ancestors would make war upon the Gods when they were at odds with them. I find comfort in my relationship with the Gods, but I make decisions for myself. Sometimes I feel they are trying to tell me something, but I weigh their message against my own thoughts. Ultimately, I am always responsible for myself. Neither the Devil (who is not a part of my belief system anyway) nor the Gods mak
  10. Hi Mark, True enough. It's just that I don't intend to mislead people, and some people (elsewhere, not here) were upset to find they had been talking to a gay male instead of a female. I prefer to avoid such misunderstandings if possible. I was not attempting to "catfish" anyone, and there was nothing sexual involved in any conversations. But I agree with you about not sweating the small stuff, although it seemed a big deal to others Imagine the horror of someone finding out he had been engaging in a bit of (social) intercourse with a gay male
  11. BTW, for those who may have not noticed, I am male. I also post on other sites using my Welsh occult pseudonym as I do here, and I have found many think I am a female. Gwynn or Gwyn is a fairly common masculine name in Wales, but I guess many are confused because in America more people are familiar with the feminine form Gwen. I understand because I am American myself, although I am of Welsh descent. I may have inadvertently added to the confusion because I am a gay male. I occasionally make comments about attractive male celebrities, etc., which also may cause people to assume I am female. I
  12. Hello Shinebright123. I'm glad I was able to recommend you talk to yourself. Silly me Glad you are still hanging around, whether as Shinebright123 or Cmbz423. BTW, same thing happened to me. I originally registered as Gwynn.ap.Lludd in 2012, but re-registered as Gwynn when I came back because I had forgotten my password and changed my email
  13. Hello and Welcome. You share a common belief with another member. Shinebright123 also believes in the redemption of Satan. I have no opinion since I do not believe in the Christian God or Satan. But here there are a variety of beliefs and we all attempt to get along. Bendithion (Blessings), Gwynn
  14. Hello, I've not posted in about nine months, but I intend to start posting again. I am still a dyn hysbys (wizard or cunning man) and a Welsh Polytheist. Anyway, hopefully I will see you on the boards
  15. I'm sure our Druid ancestors might disagree If they meant the early British colonists, they were Protestants and didn't acknowledge the Catholic All Hallows Day in any case. Well, at least it sounds like they didn't mention that "Sam Hain Lord-of-the-Dead" guy who has become a popular bogeyman for use in anti-Halloween propaganda
  16. Hello everyone, The title of my post is a nod to the Panic! at the Disco song by the same name: Halloween is just few days away, and I just wanted to wish everyone a happy one! For me, being a dyn hysbys (wizard), it is the Welsh Pagan holiday of Nos Galan Gaeaf, one of the three Ysbryd Nosau or Spirit Nights. After the Trick-or-Treaters are done, I will be lighting a candle to my patron deity, Lludd Llaw Ereint, and having a simple ceremony in observance of the night. The doors of the Otherworld will be flung wide open, and I like to get Halloween t
  17. Hi Cuchulain , I just don't know about that. The Celtic gods were pretty good about adhering to the ritual calendar; Samahin/Nos Galan Gaeaf is right around the corner . Most religions have holy days to which God or the gods are supposed to pay attention. Of course I do feel that the holidays based on natural occurrences such as changing seasons or celestial events would have more validity than some random dates assigned arbitrarily by men. Perhaps the ancients did grasp God or the gods' schedule when creating their respective calendars (by observing Nature), but we have forgotten or lost some
  18. My mother is Pentecostal and always warning me about the End of the World. I've been hearing "the End is near" preached since I was a small child in the 1970's. My deceased maternal grandfather had said they had been preaching the same thing when he was a child in the 1920's. One of the current theories my mother believes is based on the occurrence of a sequence of "blood moons." She believes Jesus may be coming back when one of the moons occurs at Rosh Hashanah. In any case, she is unhappy with my being a Welsh Pagan, and is always asking me what I'm going to do when the End finally comes. I
  19. It seems like he is apt to provide his consent so that he can test his followers.
  20. I personally do not believe in an omnipotent god like the God of Abraham. I believe in gods who are divine ancestors, but they are not perfect nor omnipotent. I attribute most things, good and bad, to being products of free will, whether it is mine, yours, or someone else's. But I think there are also times when things just happen randomly without someone necessarily being responsible. I do not understand how Christians can read the The Book of Job, and not believe God allows Satan to do evil to mankind. The Bible also seems to clearly indicate that God is the creator of all things, including
  21. Hi Brother Kaman, I was skimming a book that had a section dealing with witchcraft and magic in Elizabethan Wales. A Calvinist minister writing in that time period was lamenting the way the Welsh people were still turning to the village wizards or cunning folk in times of need instead of God. The minister's position was that God intentionally visited calamities on people as a means to make them turn to him (as if to remind them he was still around). Since the family you mentioned above did just that, I guess it worked. Seems like a horrible way to get someone's attention.
  22. Hi TobyJ96 and welcome! No, if you don't have a congregation you don't need to complete it .