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  1. I would like to travel and explore, but I would never take a journey that was only one way or took a great deal of time. I have a deep connection with my birthplace specifically and this planet in general, and I would prefer not to be away for too long .
  2. Hi Jared, I am glad your system works for you as well. It is not my intention to argue that my particular practice of white witchcraft is the only valid form of witchcraft. By being critical of some specific aspects of Wicca or other forms of witchcraft I am just attempting to explain my thought process and how I ended up on my current path. When all is said and done, I have far more things in common with Wiccans, Traditional Witches, Druids, and Heathens than I do differences .
  3. Hi Cuchulain, I don't not believe there is anything wrong with attempting to recreate a religious path or that there is anything wrong in combining outside elements as long as people are honest about it with themselves and others. For example, when I was studying Druidry we were all aware of the forgeries of Iola Morganwc but we still incorporated his teachings because they were in the spirit of Druidry. We just didn't pretend they were ancient secrets. I also agree that religions evolve and adapt over time. In Christianity there woul be a great deal of variation between the practices of 1st century Christians, a medieval high mass, a Southern tent revival, and a modern worship service at a big city megachurch. Thank you for the good wishes, and I hope the best for you on your path .
  4. Blessings Jared, It is not just Wicca of which I am skeptical. I have been a High Priest, a Druid, a and a Rosicrucian, and I am no neophyte concerning the occult. I also feel many of the groups calling themselves Traditional were created in reaction to Gardner and copied key concepts from him. Many Traditional groups follow Wiccan duotheism with a Horned God and a Queen of Elphame. Compare the "casting of the circle" with the "laying of the compass" in some forms of Traditional Witchcraft. And also consider the Wiccan,s Book of Shadows and the Traditional Witch's grimoire or "graymayre." Most of the current groups claiming to be Traditional are also Luciferian and obviously cannot predate the coming of Christianity to the British Isles. I personally feel the truest form of Traditional Witchcraft is solitary practice in the tradition of the village wise man or woman, such as the English cunning man, the Welsh dyn hysbys, and the Irish fairy doctor. My personal practice consists of Celtic (Welsh) polytheism and Welsh folklore combined with some ceremonial magic. But I don't pretend that ceremonial magic was the religious practice of my ancient Celtic ancestors or that the pentagram is a Celtic religious symbol. I do not mean to offend others who follow Wicca or other forms of Witchcraft, but I just wished to express my views and the reasons behind them .I have a good friend who is a Georgian High Priestess and another friend who is a Druid; we just agree to disagree about certain things. Thank you for the good wishes, and I extend the same to you ..
  5. The Winter solstice is today, so merry solstice (and happy holidays) to all !
  6. I have been a minister with ULC for sixteen years. I was studying Witchcraft with a coven whose High Priest and Priestess were both ULC ministers. I decided to look into it and became ordained myself. If you belonged to a minority faith (well at least it was back then) such as Paganism, there were few routes for you to become legally ordained. I didn't do a whole lot at first, but after a couple of years my sister asked me to perform her wedding ceremony which turned out well. I mainly minister to a small group of family, friends, and coworkers who know I am ordained. I have not attempted to incorporate or form a legally recognized church. (I did register at the local court house with no problems.) I have no problem letting others know that my ordination was through ULC; I still believe in that for which it stands. I believe individuals should have the right to choose their own spiritual paths, and the ULC is a major source of support
  7. Thank you all for your comments, and I truly appreciate your positive wishes . Sometimes the act of writing things helps me sort things out, and I find others' feedback helpful.
  8. Thank you, and a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving to you and yours!
  9. Greetings, As I stated in my introduction, I started out over 25 years ago as a Wiccan Witch. Re-reading my introduction caused me to do some thinking, and I have realized that my beliefs have drifted away from Wicca towards a more Traditional form of Witchcraft. (I originally wrote my introduction over 2 years ago and probably should have given it more thought before reposting it recently.) I will discuss some of these differing beiliefs and welcome others' opinions, both Wiccans and non-Wiccans. For the record, I have no intention of leaving Witchcraft and Paganism, I just have been thinking I no longer fit the Wiccan paradigm and should identify as a Traditional Witch (or maybe even a Warlock ... mwah-ha-ha) from now on to avoid giving people the wrong idea. The first difference between my beliefs and those of most Wiccans is I have become a hard polytheist instead of a duotheist, meaning I have come to the conclusion that the deities with whom I work are individual and specific, not just an aspect of The God and The Goddess. I no longer believe all gods are one God and all goddesses are one Goddess. (I do believe in a unifying, interconnecting creative principle or energy that may be identified as God by some, however for me this is an impersonal force not a Supreme being or God.) Another difference is that over the years I have come to dismiss the "Rule of Three" or law of Karmic Return that Witches who do bad or good receive three times the bad or good for their actions. I had been told that the reason for this is Witches were supposed to be wiser than your average mortal, so Karma worked differently for them. I do not feel this is accurate. I no longer believe the Wiccan Rede as an absolute. There are times when others will be harmed by your actions whether it is your intention or not. Sometimes we must make the conscious decision to choose the lesser of two evils. I also believe that there are those who would benefit from a good metaphysical spanking, and I must confess to casting a curse or two in my day. Don't get me wrong, I try to follow the ULC's motto, "do that which is right," but not everything is always black and white. I no longer believe the "beautiful lies" that were taught when I first became a Wiccan: I no longer believe that Wicca is an unbroken line passed down in secret from Neolithic times, through the Middle Ages, and down into modern times. I believe that Gardner did not discover a surviving Witch cult, but that he invented it himself (see the authors Aidan Kelly, Leo Ruickbie, and Ronald Hutton for specifics). I believe he bundled together different practices some of which may have indeed been ancient, but Wicca itself is only about 65 years old. I also don't believe in the perfect and peaceful Goddess worshiping matriarchy that was later ruined by God worshipping plunderers. I don't believe in the "Burning Times" as it was presented, meaning that I believe the estimates were grossly inflated in an attempt to create the myth of a Holocaust type of event for Wiccans. Certainly the Church executed people in the name of God, but most of the people executed were only unfortunate peasants or political targets, not practitioners of any form of Witchcraft or Paganism. Over the years I have replaced much of the generic Wiccan and Gardnerian based material with which I began. I now try to incoporate as much genuine Welsh folklore and mythology as possible into my rites. I still utilize some elements from Ceremonial magic, but I know from whence they came and don't pretend they are the lost teachings of ancient Witch covens. I prefer to use the triskele as a symbol of my faith instead of a pentagram. The triskele was historically used by the ancient Celts. The pentagram was adopted into Wicca from Ceremonial magic or Freemasonry. Anyway, this post has been something of a cathartic excercise for myself. I do not mean to pick a fight with Wiccans who still choose to follow these precepts and believe these things. Feel free to comment.
  10. Karma is supposed to be fair, but it doesn't always balance out in accordance with our time frames or in the manner we expect. BTW, weird piece of synchronicity, but my Craft name, Gwynn, is also the Welsh word for "fair" referring to light colored hair and appearance as Seeker mentioned