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    Studying the Bible & Other Religions, taking care of the better half, composing / writing / recording my music.

    "Demo City" 1994, "Middle Of The Storm" 2004, and "Scattered Showers" 2006 © The JCS Project / Open-I-Music™
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    24/7/365 Caregiver to the better half, semi-Retired Musician/Studio Owner

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  1. Church's only have to follow government guidelines IF thy are 501C3. If they do this then the government has the RIGHT to say what can be preached from the pulpit. If a church does not go down that road they STILL get the breaks, but do not answer to anyone buy God. Churches have always been tax exempt, the 501 thing is the best web Satan has spun in a long time.....
  2. I was a pro drummer for 40 years, so yes, I play drums..... I also play Bass, Guitar, some Lapsteel & Recorder, a LITTLE Keyboard, and sing VERY little. For the last 10 years I have had my own studio where I do tracks for folks around the world for a fair price, have sold close to 500 CD's of my original music, and have had my tacksed played on "Muzak" channels from the USA to Austraila. My main styles are 60's to late 80's Rock & 40's to early 90's Country.
  3. This is mostly the same reason that I did. I got tired of discussing-debating doctrine just to be told that my view was not valid because I did not have a piece of paper saying that I could say what I was saying....Pharisees - Sadducees anyone? So now they say it is not a "real" ordination because it was thru the mail, and THEY studied for years at collage....I tell them they are just ticked because I can LEGALLY do most EVERYTHING they can, place "proper names & titles" before-after my name, and am not $100,000 in debt...they usually are very quiet after that...then we can get back to the important stuff. As for "the rest of the story", my entire life has been one of service, I have been a full-time caregiver to my mom, the better half's mom, various other family members on both sides, (all passed on now) while being a 24/7/365 caregiver to my better half for 25 years this coming Feb....this is my ministry, lived out.... And because of the Original ULC HQ fight we all can reap the legal benefits, so how cool is that?!
  4. Not as popular as others in the list, but you can check out some of my Original Music (both Secular and Christian based) from the link in my sig....
  5. Rev Dr Burnt Swamp said.... "The reason this in particular deserves mention is the terrible slanderous attacks made by these creepy-looking "Christians" against the scrupulously honest and ethical bookstore here," I have seen all the sites listed, and find this comment strange, because those sites also have all the religions that are welcomed with open arms on this forum. I do not see where the "creepy-looking "Christians" comment comes from...what about the creepy-looking "Wicca's" , creepy-looking "Buddhist", creepy-looking "Whoever's" that also claim a stake in this all-tolerant ULC organization... Could you please point out where only the christains are doing this? Really, I am curious, and it is possible that I missed this somehow on the site......
  6. One of the best reads I have had this year, Thank You for posting it Rev. Rainbow!
  7. But Obedience is not Works, as so many think.... King James Bible Luke 6:46 - And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? If you love someone..your God - Wife - Husband - etc you will want to please them. So many scream "Grace by Faith Alone", but without an outward sign of such a claim it is all words...IMHO...
  8. Atwater Vitki said... "Frankly, I think Paul simply didn't want to be challenged by what is often the more reasoned and rational thinking of the fairer sex. " I humbly disagree, Paul was stating the way the Assembly should be run as guided by God. A reading of the Bible will show Paul was not afraid of a all... Since I am new & only a day into reading the forums I will not start a long reply just yet, but will reserve that for the future. So far this forum has been a good read!
  9. Welcome to our family of friends! We hope you'll share your Spiritual Journey with us as we share ours with you. Many Blessings of Peace, Prosperity and Contentment, Al

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      Thank You Atwater Vitki, I look forward to joining in the discussions soon!