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    Hyles Anderson College, Crown Point, Indiana
    2012 to 2014 · Crown Point, Indiana
    8400 Burr Street • Crown Point, Indiana 46307 • 219-365-4031
    CE211 Christian Manhood I
    LS112 Preparation for Leadership
    BU100 Personal Finance
    CE228 Christian Manhood II
    MA101 General Mathematics
    EN112 Speech
    Electives - 8 credits
    111 Credit Hours Remaining until I received my degree all the above have been satisfied and completed

    Essentials of Student Counseling
    Second Man
    Biblical Missions
    Preaching I
    Principles of Leadership
    Pastoral Epistles
    Biblical Theology II
    United States History I
    Introduction to Education
    Biblical Theology I
    Church Education II - Online
    New Testament Survey
    Fundamentals of Music
    Personal Evangelism
    Life of Christ
    History of the Bible
    Principles and Methods of Education
    Daniel and Revelation
    Church & School Law
    How to Rear Children
    The Book of Proverbs
    Church Education I - Online
    English Grammar and Composition 101
    Acts of the Apostles
    Old Testament Survey
    General Mathematics
    Personal Finance
    Preparation for Leadership
    Christian Manhood II
    Christian Manhood I
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  2. Mark Lowery ~ Marry Did You Know
  4. I have started reading a series of books and found them to be quite enjoyable and helpful and applicable in my Christian Life. I am willing to send them anyone that wants to read them on a first come first serve basis. My only stipulation is that you honestly agree to read them then pass them on to someone else that may need some Christian Spiritual Enlightenment. Here is the first two books and First DVD available. Again, they are COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU< I WLL EVEN PAY SHIPPING, but they are on a first come first sere basis. I will include the ISBN numbers so that you may go to Barn's and
  5. Our Father who art in Heave, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I reverently bow before thy throne to day to ask for you blessing upon myself and all members the spiritual leaders within the ULC Ministry. May you empower all of us to do your will and all that is right in your eyes. I also pray tha you send down the Holy Spirit to dwell within me as i prepare to leave for illinois today and may your words flow from my mouth and touch everyone in attendance at Your service this evening. I would like to thank you Lord for the opportunity you have
  6. Our Father who art in Heave, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I come to You today reverently asking for a day of blessings and joy. I thank You Lord for my family and most of all my salvation. You know my hear Lord, and I pray that You use me today to touch someone's life in a way only You can do. Please look after all of my family and friends. Please Lord convict the sinner, in their hear, t that they may come to Know You and Bless the Saved as only you can. I ask all of this in Jesus name~Amen.
  7. In order to fully understand me and my belief systems you must first know who MY KING is. First off he is the only one qualified, he’s always been king, and was king before existence. My King started existence, he’s the only one older than his mother, and just as old as his Father. He was born king and the Bible says he’s a seven way king. He’s the King of the Jews, a racial king, the King of Israel, a national king, the King of righteousness, king of the ages. He’s the King of Heaven, the king glory, He’s the King of ALL kings and the Lord of Lords. That’s my King, do you know him? He is the
  8. Excerptfrom the sermon, "Things that Are Different Are Not The Same" Salvation by Grace and Salvation by Works, are not the same.
  9. I believe in EVERY word this Pastor says and Bieleve EVERY WORD in the KJV Bible.
  10. My decision to become ordained at ULC was not as easy of a decision as some might think. I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist currently studying at three schools for what I may call my "Devine Calling". I was reborn and Baptized years back but walked the Isle and profesed my life to full time service to My Lord Christ. I have Studied and passed Eight Certificate classes at the "Frankfort Baptist Institute" " " and I am currently taking general Pastoral Studies on line at Hyles Anderson College, located in Hamond IN. My current Curi
  11. Welcome to our growing family of friends here on the forum. We're glad you could joins us! As you feel the need, join us in the discussions and let us know a bit about yourself. It's always a pleasure getting to know new folks. Blessings of Peace, Al