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  1. Funny. I fall under the tree of Gnostic Theist. However, just because I believe with 100% certainty doesn't mean I have the desire to prove it to somebody else. It's just my experience that makes it true for me.
  2. THERE'S A TABLETOP RPG?! Now I definitely need to get through this series... (:
  3. Okay, so I was hanging out with my friends at lunch on my birthday earlier this month when we got into a conversation about the books I was reading. Right now I'm reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher and told them I thought Harry WAS SO ADORABLE. And I also said: "I'm only four chapters into this and I have a million ways I can ruin the Dresden Files by turning it into a romance." Then I heard someone across the restaurant start laughing at my comment. So, yeah. I'm like halfway through the first book and am kind of sad that Mr. Butcher has to cram a bunch of stuff into such a small book. I'm hoping I'm not disappointed by the climax or ending because the size of this book is too small for the awesomeness that is Harry. I was also told Harry's love affairs always end badly. That makes me a sad panda. ): Because Harry is exactly the kind of guy I would love to marry. /cue fangirl. Anyway. Does anybody else like this series? I don't want spoilers... I just wanna see how many people have read the series.
  4. Oh! I've already had experience with Qi Gong and Reiki. Reiki is something I've already had the first attunement for. Sadly, I haven't really worked on practicing it. I should really get to that. Also, I've realized that just because I believe in the immaculate birth of, life, teachings, healings, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ doesn't mean I have to be Christian. I think right now I should just do some studying into Judaism. Because, honestly, I've more experience with Wicca than anything and I have quite a few positive tools that I've learned from Christianity. Perhaps I should just study these and remain as I am? Because I don't want to tell someone I'm Jewish and have them ask me if I had a good Yom Kippur when I don't know the dates or where I attend synagogue and who my rabbi is.
  5. And that's awesome, Keystrikr. I've witnessed the same thing, myself at many events. However, sadly, the churches I would attend are more narrow and would not accept that those things happen. You know, because Jesus is an exclusivity and everything else is witchcraft. Although, I would consider myself Jewish - it would probably be a more liberal kind. Like a mix of Judaism, Qabbalah, Christianity and Gnosticism. I focus on both esoteric and exoteric teachings. I'd like to attend the Assemblies of God church here but I doubt they would be very happy to hear that I am Liberal. I still practice Tarot because it has been beneficial. Before I read the cards I put my hands over them and can feel the Holy Spirit emanating from them. They've never lied to me or deceived me into doing something against my own values. That's what a lot of stricter people aren't able to accept. That and I'm not "searching" for my faith. I already have it. I just am adding onto it and deducting what doesn't serve me anymore. Whether I worship YHVH or Odin makes no real difference. I'm just advancing, is all, and I think I would like the same passion, fire and Spirit of my Christian friends. I want that power so that I may better serve people and feel confident in my faith.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to read my post, though - that means something! I'm pretty sure I can come up with something if I Google a keyword or searched Amazon I would find some interesting things.
  7. This is asked before I type in sacred-texts in my search bar, mind you. Okay, so I decided that I wanted more empowerment and spirit behind my beliefs. When people ask for me to pray for them, in person, while they are sick or having trouble - a lot of people ask for me to pray to Christ. I have had absolutely no problem with that. When we do the act of prayer I can feel a heavy warmth come over me and naturally assume that it is the Holy Spirit that has descended. I have felt this presence over and again while in Pentecostal churches. Baptist church, Messianic church, Methodist and the non-denominational churches I have went to just pray and it feels empty. There is no excitement, there is no sense of peace and there is no feeling behind anything done. Not to say that these peoples' faith or any less than my own or that their salvation is compromised because of so - but I want to have an active faith where I see miracles happen. That I see lives restored and to see lonely people find a place. This can happen in any congregation, though - Christian or not. So, I decided - Hey! I want what they have! But I don't want to be Christian. Because the last time I had converted faiths I ended up in a place I did not want to be. I was scared into conversion and made to believe that because I am a woman that I am less than a man and therefore a wicked, lustful witch who didn't deserve God's love. I was told that because of my gender I could not become a minister and teach, exhort, prophecy to or just edify the Body in general. These days I've been feeling a force inside me telling me that maybe Wicca is not my path. Granted, it did help me overcome a lot of my anxiety. It helped me see things as they are and to know that feelings are not facts and that I should go by what I know instead of what I feel. Feelings are good indicators of whether there is a threat - or pleasure - in the environment but they aren't the whole of everything. Wicca gave me enough empowerment to be able to tell men "No. I don't like that. I refuse to submit to you because you are not the intercessor between me and God. Period." And now I am no longer afraid. Instead of choosing to "select random denomination" out of Christianity... I decided that I should just be Jewish because I want to celebrate Holidays that mean something to me - not just because they're boring rituals done each piece of the year. The Sabbats have given me enough groundwork to want to celebrate Shabbat and the High Holidays. I don't want to become some conservative nut-job, though, which is why I choose to stand out by being "Jewish" instead of "Christian" that way I don't have my peers forcibly make me believe and follow their Tenets to the T. I want to stay away from Messianic circles, though, because their firm beliefs about women are stated in the earlier passage I wrote. Read a website that was an online synagogue for Jewish Universalism and found it interesting. This is the first time in ever - and I mean ever - that I have had an interest, a fire for reading the Bible. I literally dug through a few totes just to get my hands on some old Christian books I'd had stowed away yet didn't have the heart to throw away. Right now I'm reading through Barney Kasdan's God's Appointed Times to learn the High Holidays and Shabbat. Does anybody else have any suggestions for readings in regards to Jewish Universalism that focuses on Yeshua? While my faith is changing - I have to say a lot of my ideals won't, especially in the regard of women in clergy. But yes, links, links, links please. Or just keywords I can use to fill my head and heart with. (: And if you have questions as to Why a change of faith?, they're more than welcome.
  8. I think what you're doing is great, Rev. Donald. Atwater Vitki also took the words right out of my mouth and made them look pretty. (:
  9. I'm so glad that your faith is still as strong as it ever was - if not stronger by these circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I pray that ministry's success is counted by hearts saved, not money made.
  10. Looking For Paradise: Primera Parte is completely published on JukePop Serials with all eight chapters including the interlude chapter Chicken : Robber. Click on the picture for the link! Completely free to read. Currently, I am working on Segunda Parte and Tercera Parte. Cuarta Parte will come after that. When I am done with these parts I'll be publishing them in novel/novella format with the publisher of my choice. Keep supporting - and don't forget to sign up for a free account on JPS so you can read and bookmark all your favorite serials on there! All that's required is a working email address and a dedication to reading! Please +Vote for my serial if you like it. (: Also, if you're interested in publishing your own serial on JPS then click here to read the submission requirements and sign up! Happy reading!
  11. Yes!! Now I have an hour to kill listening to awesome music! .... Listening while writing.
  12. Oh good Goddess, my childhood! I always love looking at these pictures. Not because of the entire "hippy" generation dealie but because when I look at these kind of images I can taste them, I can feel them and take not only my physical eyes but spiritual eyes to another world. This is awesome. (:
  13. Good question. I thought we were talking about llamas.
  14. I honestly had no idea what the Pickle Conspiracy was about... But this fills in a few gaps. Not all, but at least a few. (: EDIT: Wow. I just read Dan's post. So THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT. Seriously, we need more plastic in our moony refrigerators that way the paintbrush of doom would have no more dominion over candy.
  15. Wow, that was beautiful. He's pretty awesome, too. I haven't seen any of their stuff in a long time. Thanks for the share. (:
  16. Okay, so I'm taking Graphic Design 130 this semester at the community college. The instructor wanted us to create a biography/resume for ourselves and to use any photo(s) that we wanted, either pictures of ourselves, nature, drawings, ect. so long as they weren't copyrighted or bootlegged from Google. This is also a design I made for Looking For Paradise: Primera Parte & Segunda Parte. The girl lying down is Limerence McKenzie and the one sitting up is Ravynn McKenzie. Looking For Paradise is © to JukePopSerials and myself and now that I've shared it here - ULC as well. The medium for this is all digital. I used GIMP as the program to produce this piece. To look at other artwork of mine you can easily go to my DeviantART account. (:
  17. Oh. Duh! Yeah... my brain isn't all the way there yet. Still drinking coffee...
  18. Okay, so when I was a kid - My uncle told me he dated Olivia Newton-John. And as a kid, I believed him. He also told me that his Momma was a rat and my grandmother picked him up off the railroad tracks when he was a kid. So, technically, he's a rat. There were a lot of curious things he'd tell me. However, I kind of wonder about him dating this musician. Very weird, because I remember answering the phone for the very first time ( I wasn't allowed to touch the telephone until I was 12-years-old ) because he asked me to. Mind you, this was before caller ID. It was an Australian woman with a soft accent. She greeted me nicely and asked me if she could talk to my uncle. Gave it to him and his first, and surprised, reaction was, "Olivia?" When I was older - maybe fifteen - I told his wife that he claimed to have dated the musician. She rolled her eyes and laughed at me. So, honestly, it could have just been some woman he knew with the same name and he's joking with me like he did with the "My Momma Was a Rat" story. And as I remember, everyone back then was vying to be Miss Olivia's date.
  19. We should all go to IHOP on the holy day to celebrate our love of Pancakes. Of. ....Destiny!
  20. Haha. I'm sorry. The word dawd seems to fly out of my mouth a lot. Dawd is actually a word that only I use. It's a mix of the word dude and dawg. I didn't want to sound insulting by saying either when I speak to people so I invented my own word. Dawd is typically an accent I make at the end of my sentences when referring to a male conversation partner. It's supposed to be endearing. When I talk to women who are either close to me or are younger, I always call them Babes - avec un ess/with an S. This is also a way of getting around in conversation if I accidentally forget a person's name. To call someone who is much older than me in age is inappropriate, in my eyes. But I call guys "dawd" all the time. But yeah, it's a big accent thing for me. And I'm not big into the whole Rosicrucian thing because I lack knowledge. I remember being in a Yahoo! group called The Order of the Golden Dawn because I was invited by someone I did not know. They'd often have great conversations via newsletters and emails/forum. However, sadly, when I briefly became Christian I had to leave all my old groups and create new accounts everywhere. I loved that group. It kind of made me upset, though, when there was an argument about how Wiccans are flimsy and not to be taken seriously because their religion was predated by the Rosicrucians on there. But that goes back to the article I read recently. Also, back then I didn't say anything about it but now I realize that everyone's path is legitimate and should not be measured by whether they've been on it long or if theirs has as much community credit as someone else's. Does that make any sense? I don't have the big words to describe that.
  21. I said that I get answers when I pray and do witchcraft. It doesn't mean I always get my way. Of course I have had "no" plenty of times. I just use that as a reason to reflect on what I want and why I want it. Then I rearrange things or let it go or accept that the Will that is higher than my own has something better in store for me. (: And I loved Sylvia and reading her books. Yeah, she made mistakes. Every one does. I'm just not the kind of person to make a celebrity - despite how talented - higher than That which is higher than all of us. She's not going to take place of my concept of God(s). And you predate fluffy bunny? Whoaaaa~ That's too cool, dawd. And the Pancakes of Destiny is basically something I took out of a comedy/spoof of animated short episodes of a video game I played as a kid. The actual game itself is called Secret of Mana and it was for the SNES. The spoof series is called Mana Theater. You can find the series here: Remember to click on Movie Archive and go to the first episode and watch from there. I remember being 13-years-old on my 56K modem and it would take like ten or fifteen minutes to load the episodes. Now that I have high speed wireless broadband and try to watch them... Just can't get enough. And I just recently read something... About how teenage Wiccans feel about their faith and trying to join the Pagan community. They were often told that they weren't experienced enough because of their age when one retorted that a witch at 19 could have been practicing since she was 12 or so and that a 40-year-old could probably have just picked up on the craft. It was an interesting article. If I find it again, I'll be sure to post it on the forums.