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  1. I was recently talking to an "adopted grandson", and we got into the discussion about homeless camps, and how their needs aren't being met. Anyhow, I felt the calling to one on saturdays, and one on sundays, to minister to them. My thoughts are that even the homeless deserve being ministered to.
  2. Unfortunately the only language I know is english... Wish I could help you.

    Always At Your Service,

    Reverend Donald

  3. I have a young lady that is getting married in October and she is looking for a bi lingual minister to perform her wedding and I promised I would help her find someone. I was hoping maybe you could help.

    Blessed be,

    Rev. Melissa Lane

  4. I hate hearing someone drop the "D" bomb on another person

  5. Andre, My deepest sympathies and condolences are with you and your family along with my prayers. Rev. Donald Worden Michigan