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  1. My partner of 26 years, some may prefer 'wife' but we never formally married, at one time worked in a recovery center dealing with just such situations and recovering mothers. I am certain she would give similar advice as that of Ms. Salem above. With all cases it is up to you to prove to your daughters they can trust you. Above all else Ms. Saved, you must remain focused on the fact this entire situation revolves around their trusting you, not you wanting to be a part of their lives. This may be the first time in their lives they can ever do such a thing as trust you so it's not going to be easy for them. One method my wife's clinic encouraged was leave the grandchildren entirely out of the contact and conversation. Send your daughters a loving card or letter every three to four months and a phone call once every six months. This lets them know you are still trying without being pushy. In many cases it took from two to five years for the walls to be broken down sufficiently for the children of addicts to chance trusting the parent again. You must be committed to your recovery first, your daughter's needs second and lastly your need to settle the guilt within. Should you break their trust at any time during this period of trepid association, I'm certain you are aware it would completely diminish any second chance.
  2. I am compelled to cite the follow up article you posted Mr. Gray with this excerpt from it: "Keith Golden, commissioner for the state Department of Transportation, wrote the chapter's secretary that officials determined the mountain roadway, with a speed limit of 65 mph, was not a safe place for cleanup volunteers to work." If then at any time in the future permission is granted for any other group or individual to adopt and clean that section of the highway I would think attorneys for the KKK chapter would remind the DOT of that statement. They would more than likely do so in the form of an injunction or civil suit, either of which they would have every right to file. The statement I made above should clearly state my views of support for this issue even though I do not advocate for the principles of the KKK in general. I also agree with Dan56 and his statement on this topic. Such an act would help dispel the current view of the nonconstructive image of this organization.
  3. To quote the very article you posted Mr. Gray; " "Any civic-minded organization, business, individual, family, city, county, state, or federal agency is welcome to volunteer in the Georgia Adopt-A-Highway program," the DOT website says." That in itself should allow 'any organization' to join the state of Georgia's litter program whether the state agrees with the philosophy and principles of said group or not. I do not personally hold ill views of the individuals of the KKK organization however the reputation of the group as a whole is certainly suspect towards values I do not support. I believe this to be a case of guilt by association. As a federal agency the DOT should honor the application until such time as terms of permission are violated as in Missouri.
  4. 2010 Harley FXSTC. This was our 25th anniversary gift to ourselves. Our longest road trip to date was up to Vancouver, across Canada and down through Nova Scotia to Florida and back home in Phoenix. After forty-five days, on even a fully custom and fitted bike and road worthy a soft tail can be, our recliners were a very welcome respite at the end of that trip. Of over eleven thousand miles of travel we did not experience a single hazardous event. I will admit though, the nearly five hours of highway travel through New York City did have it's moments though. We will be taking it with us on our new endeavors for the magazine later this year.
  5. You are fortunate Ms. Grateful and illustrate our lot in life very well. For any animal lover your current position would be a wonderful occupation. We have been fortunate also having had the same kennel to keep our household mascot while away all of his life. There are times when we think he is as much 'at home' there as in our own domicile. It is knowing with certainty the care and expertise provided, by people such as yourself, at these temporary shelters for our beloved pets that makes being away from them bearable. If only all such places provided the same loving care would the world be a better place.
  6. From my understanding of this world God only controls the minds of those who believe in him. My biological paternal units may be God fearing Christians but I assure you that from their perspective God is not in control, Satan is. Lutheran sin and guilt is deep and suffering. The long and short of this entire idea is that it is man that looks into the microscope and creates the data gleaned from doing so. It is biologists that compare that data to known facts and formulate theories as to what to do with that data. It then gets turned over to more humans that make decisions and run tests and experiment with cells that become new life in the end. Even in the processes where God controlled the minds of my biological paternal units I am heterosexual while my brother is homosexual. He demonstrated these traits since our earliest memories of him as an infant, therefor there is no question he was 'born that way'. Did God control that? He must have, yet I see many arguments against that thesis here in many topics. Had my father been able to engineer that out of him he surely would have. As far as my mother, me and my family are concerned are all are what we are without a second thought or concern. In the end it is mankind that does the data collection, engineering and manipulation. Therefore, a sound word of advice; be fearful, very fearful.
  7. I am a newly registered member here Salem Witch Child, so you may feel any support or critique from me would be unwarranted. With that in mind I would only like to say that I find the subject matter of your blog interesting to be sure. May Peace be with you, "HH"
  8. It is quite obvious to me that you are offering a virtuous rationale for collecting such samples Mr. Steven. Where we differ in our perspectives is as others have said concerning the 'distrust of that entire industry' and just what may come of those samples. While it may be virtuous to desire a 'clean genetic slate' of disease for generations to come I can think of no more terrifying future than one of genetic engineering. This is not because of the potentials in good it might do for the human race rather due to the ulterior motives of those who would assume to know better for me and mine. Hitler comes immediately to mind as one who listed great potentials for genetic engineering. I would far rather love and aid a family member suffering any number of diseases or physical abnormality for who they are than pretend to do so of one where 'perfection' was artificially created. As with anything of artificial construct it is not known for many generations the long term effects on such ethereal and mysterious things as our soul, personality traits and character. Physical beauty and biological health have little, if anything, to do with personality and emotional stability. Engineering the perfect biological form, could as a side effect, create a personality disorder that renders their physical appearance and health status inconsequential. Ego and vanity and near insanity were among the emotional traits of such infamous people as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy to name a few. Peace be with you, "HH"
  9. worse it is worse to notice and ignore falls short; if I understand the question correctly while both instances can leave life long scars I tend to believe that verbal abuse has a more devastating, long term effect on an individual none unconditional kindnessWorded only slightly different, it sounds as if your questions come directly from the nine common virtues of the Asatru Folk Assembly which I and my household follow in our daily life. We do so without regard to friend or foe, human or animal. Giving aid to all of creation is our highest calling and virtue, at least as we see it and believe. May Peace be with you, "HH"
  10. Charming and our sincerest congratulations to the bride and groom as well as the proud parents. Peace be with you all.
  11. A few years ago our paper did a full center page on local mediums. I did the photography for all the in personal interviews with the reporter and found nothing much out of the ordinary for most of these professed professionals. There were two self proclaimed 'physical mediums' that stood out as every picture I took had either fuzzy spheres all around them or mist like areas encircling them. On one, it took quite a bit of cleaning up to get a publishable picture. I have never seen anything like that before or since, but I have been informed that my photos were 'proof' of the energies that surround us all. I wouldn't know as my personal beliefs find it difficult to understand how something of a different dimension could be viewed on camera while not by eye as a lens is a lens. I am not saying these things do not exist, just that I personally find difficulty in understanding what, if anything, could produce such effects on film. Would anyone have information on this type of event?
  12. My wife practice yoga and quite frequently does what she calls 'atunement of the chakras'. Is this what is inferred here Mr. Musicman? While Astrid and I enjoy many shared experiences in our 26 years together, things of this nature have so far eluded my awareness. What would you suggest for the complete Novice as a good starting place to understand these things a bit better? This might make for a surprising birthday gift to my wife, come end of the year, joining her in one of her sessions.
  13. Hail HHolmquist, glad to have you here. May your time with us prove eventful, spiritual and worth your while. Blessings of Peace, Al

  14. Do my eyes decieve me? A fellow LHP? I look forward to exchanges.

  15. What a genuinely great idea. With four cats of our own and always having to deal with excess sand on the floor, I will purchase the required totes on my next trip to Home Depot. As inexpensive as this idea is each of our critters can enjoy their own domain space. Ha! I find the simplest and most direct solutions to things here, glad I decided to join! May Peace with you as well Brother Atwater Vitki.