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  1. I too have had many "running away in a panic" dreams which can be pretty frightening but a great relief when you wake up at the moment of being caught! That's a heavenly expereince too. I've also had the strange experience of telling myself jokes during a dream (jokes I've never heard before) and then woke up laughing at the punch-line!! That can be a little embarresssing at 3-00am when the house is as quiet as a mouse! I have a vivid imagination. I keep notebooks by my bed so that should I wake up in the night with an inspirational idea, a line for a poem, words for a song, or a
  2. I keep a dream-diary and have done so for many years. When I have a particularly vivid dream I write it down as soon as possible. If I wake up in the middle of a dream I try to write it down straight away not leaving it till morning when the details of it will almost certainly be lost forever. One night while sleeping I was also aware that I was dreaming. During the dream I heard some of the most beautiful choral singing I have ever heard. It was literally divine so that I didn't want it to end. While still dreaming I thought to myself: "I'll write this tremendously uplif
  3. I attened a very good lecture several years ago where an expert on this matter (who was also a university lecturer on mechnics), delivered a first-rate lecture destroying the theory of evolution. According to him at the univeristy where he worked some lecturers had also given up on the "theory" of evolution, (which it is) yet were still teaching it even though they no longer believed it. That's not an atitude but a fact. I have bought several books since then which confirmed this view among some scientists - but I didi not say all. But it reminds me of what either David Hume or Kant said:
  4. There is plenty of evidence suggested in the works of scientists and philosophers who do not have a vested interest in perpetuating what they do not believe to be fact. I suggest you do a little research of your own.
  5. It is the nature of humankind to want to investigate, research, wonder, theorise and discover but always from a position of limited understanding. Since Thales of Miletus walked the earth thousands of years ago astronomers have gazed at the heavens and wondered. Today, their modern counterparts look through incredibly accurate telescopes and do exactly the same thing. We stand amazed at what they tell us but should always receive their “discoveries” with caution. In the nineteenth century Charles Darwin, after many years of detailed research, sat in his study at Down House and came up wit
  6. Concerning the soul. There are some things human intelligence will never be able to unravel simply because we are human. Therefore, it makes little difference whether the universe came into being spontaneously or was created by God as no human-being was present to witness it or partake in its construction. Human-beings are not separate from the universe but an integral-part of the very phenomenon they are constantly trying to understand but with insufficient knowledge or creative ability to go beyond “wondering.” In other words they are not on the outside looking in but on the inside lookin
  7. Five things I am grateful for today: 1) Trees strong and robust like a canapy of dependable friends. 2) A gentle breeze to cool me down in the heat of the day. 3) Skills to solve everyday household problems. 4) Imagination to dream big and walk tall. 5) Friends to share a meal with Maybe you have five things you are grateful for today.