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  1. Unfortunately, I have not yet received a PM or e-mail concerning this.
  2. Does anyone know if the ULC Mail service works anymore? ...especially for new accounts for new members (that have over 100 postings and good standing)?
  3. Thank you for the warm welcoming message. I am happy to be a part of this closed niche online community. Everyone has been friendly so far and everything else has been great as well.

  4. Welcome to the forum Rev. Ornelas. As I've been off a couple days, I apologize for the late welcome, but see you have found your way around! I hope you find our little family of friends here to be as warm and welcoming as the rest of us.

    Blessings of Peace,


  5. I am not of what celebrity that I may look like but I hope it is someone that is cool. Perhaps Keanu Reeves...but I doubt that I look like him.
  6. I try to stay happy because I try to look onto the positive side of things in life. It may never be an easy thing but you should try to make the best out of it. A helpful tip is always try to think about something that makes you happy, this is especially effectively during stressful situations. Best of luck!
  7. Sorry but I think your link may be broken. I never heard of a "St Murph's Day", let alone someone named Murph. Is this like that holiday called Festivus? I am not sure what this 'holiday' is about but I am open to learning about new holidays. It is always good to celebrate just for the purpose of celebrating. For this reason, whether or not I have any clue to what this 'holiday' is about, but I do kindly wish you a "very St. Murph's Day" or "very (belated) St Murph's Day" seems to be already catching on! Also, please share more information with us about this. Thank you!
  8. That is a wonderful nature-oriented poem. Please share more!
  9. Thank you Curmudgeon! I will keep this in mind for this upcoming winter holiday.
  10. I agree with you Rev. Margaret, we have a duty as ULC Ministers to do what we can to help people and help promote religious freedom.
  11. I think everyone has their own interpretation of what good means and how it is expressed but generally as a society it may represent one being in line with our culturally values without straying away from it but that may just be how I think of it.
  12. I hope everyone had a good Passover. Please share your stories with us of how you celebrated Passover. Thanks!
  13. I wish I could do more for Earth Day but I had not. Perhaps next Earth Day I will do something more to celebrate it...perhaps like plant a tree or something like it. It is good to save the planet!
  14. I thought every day was good? Nonetheless, I do wish the best for everyone, no matter if it Good Friday or any other day. Enjoy!
  15. Thank you for the links, these will be very useful for me.