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  1. Been a court reporter in CT for almost 20 years; and I asked a Judge and a few attorneys that I trust about that phrase. And since it is open to interpretation; and no one has actually ever challenged it, if you do the work of "your" ministry, then you are covered. The ministry can be as little as logging onto this site; or as much as leading a full congregation. It hasn't been challenged. My advice would be to have the persons you are marrying sign a hold harmless agreement; that they understand your ministry credentials were from the ULC; and they agree that you are, in fact, a minister. I say that only because there has been challenges to the legality in other states of our minister credentials after a marriage sours. Good luck and Blessings
  2. I like it...the whole chicken and the egg theory...but it does make you ask...and we has humans have this insane quest for the answer; and unfortunately that quest for that answer has caused much bloodshed. I wish that we would get the answer once and for all... anyone???
  3. So can I start a congregation; start marrying people at two in the morning, dressed as Minnie Mouse; but before I perform the marriage, have them pull the lever on a slot machine and if it comes up 3 lemons, refuse to perform the ceromony because the Gods of Vegas feel that the marriage is not right at this time; so come back when you hit 3 jackpots...keep putting money in the slot machine until your marriage certificate comes out...BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!
  4. bahahaahahahahahaha I guess to me it seems very ridiculous that they are THAT over the top stringent about the "ministry licensing" and have it be so flip at the same time. Ahhh...the hypocrisy, you just gotta love it. Me personally, I'm going to move to Vegas; start a congregation and start marrying people dressed as Minnie Mouse.
  5. Clark County; this is the same bunch that married a drunk Britney Spears for her marathon 55 hour marriage to her high school friend...maybe if they screened the licensing for the actual marriage applicants with as much scrutiny as they do the Ministry performing the marriages; such silliness would not occur. So...everyone in Vegas; get together, form a congregation and you too can marry someone dressed up as an alien, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley or as Mr. Magoo. Wow!
  6. Not anywhere near Vegas, but I find it somewhat ironic that a place well-known to have 24 hour wedding chapels for "spur of the moment" weddings; has the nickname of "sin city"; and has wedding ceremonies performed by Elvis impersonators; Godfather themed weddings, and even a space alien acting as the Minister; makes it so difficult for a legally ordained minister to perform weddings. I'm confused
  7. A pretty amazing thought; especially when one considers the fact that at one time decks of cards were considered "sinful" and in fact, "products of the Devil" since they led into the temptations of gambling; which led to other "un-Godly acts"....hey, I'm just paraphrasing here - but I can recall a catechism teacher telling us that gambling was bad; a deck of cards contained Satin himself; and all sorts of bad things would happen. I remember asking how could playing "slap-jack" or old maid be bad; but then again, I was only 8 at the time...another time I got sent out into the hallway. No wonder my views became so skewed...I spent most of my time out in the hallway. Anyway - great thinking...I love it.
  8. Beautiful...something that could be used in a renewal of baptism.
  9. Thank you Rev Baker. I am sorry your Mother is not understanding of your chosen path to our Lord. If we all followed the same path, we would not have some of the lively discussions we have had on this forum Instead of rejoicing with you, perhaps it is fear that your Mother has; that perhaps her own faith is being tested and her own path is not true. I only surmise here. My mother was ordained through ULC many years ago; though we follow different beliefs. My mother was born and raised Roman Catholic; as was I. However, my mother's path leads her towards astrology; numerology, Wiccan and Pagan beliefs; sprinkle in a few UFO's; and you've got my Mother's beliefs. My beliefs are more Christian based; though we share the same basic belief that Jesus Christ was a teacher; his main purpose while on this Earth was to teach those who were ready to listen and be with HIM. I also do believe that there is something to be said about astrology; the astrologers of the ancients are mentioned in the Bible; and with some of the mysteries yet unrevealed to us; as well as my own personal belief that it would be terribly terribly over confident of ourselves as a being to think that we are "the only" intelligent creatures that God made. Our Universe has not been fully explored. Who knows what we might find out there? I wish you all the best upon your chosen path; may it be filled with light and joy. May you and your Mother find peace in each of your faiths. RevElkins
  10. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Hold this Child of yours in your blessings; let this not be a test of Faith; but rather a proof of Your Everlasting Love for us. Guide this child's doctors and caretakers so that this child may be healed; body and soul. I look to you Lord; restore this child; allow the parents of this blessed little one be comforted by You. I ask this in Your name Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. My prayers to this child and the family of this child. May the doctors be skilled and guided in their care. May the parents keep strength and faith strong in their hearts.
  11. Congrats WolfShadow - may your path be filled with joy and light. RevElkins
  12. Prayers please for a friend/co-worker of mine - her mother, 88 years old, passed on tonight. We knew the end was coming; kidney disease; kidneys had shut down; she was mostly non-verbal the last several days. But she passed on the way she wanted to - in her home; surrounded by her family; quietly and peacefully. I have watched my friend and co-worker care for her mother at the peril of her own health. She is tired; physically and emotionally. She spent the past 6 months sleeping on an air mattress next to her mother's bed; never leaving her side unless she went to work; and then she had skilled nursing staff come in to care for her. She bathed her; she changed her sheets; she did everything for her. In the end, she was content and at peace knowing that she took the best care of her mother, whom she idolized as the woman who brought her into the world; and raised her. I would ask you to please keep Nadine, Michael, Troy, Todd, Meredith, Cheryl, Al, Paul and Roberta and Alma's several great grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers tonight as Alma joins her beloved Chet forever. Thank you.
  13. Thank you. I just spent an hour on the phone with my Mother; I'm finally comfortable about being open about my reasonings; my questions; my quest for the lost writings; alternative theories and theological discussions. Luckily for me, my mother, though she is more into the metaphysical/wiccan/pagan side of things; she was born and raised a Roman Catholic and found the teachings to be stifling to her; and being told that a God who is supposed to forgive and love his people would just as soon turn them away to eternal damnation kind of bothered her. It's all good!! I'm feeling forces within the Universe moving my very soul; ideas; questions that I want answered; I feel more alive than I have felt in a long long time. Wolfshadow, I hope you receive your credentials soon. Amazing that you are named WolfShadow; one of the original things that began this quest for me; in my grief following the death of my father; my sister, my mother and I all dreamed about Wolves; after doing some research about what the Native Americans believed about the ways of the wolf; and how the elder wolf often would go off on his own to die; just as my father did quietly; in an area where they are most comfortable; the spirit of the wolf comes back to lead the pack until he is sure that they are safe; and then he completes his journey to the afterlife. We often say that my father could not have scripted his own death any better; he went out to the porch swing on his front porch, before sunrise; he watched the sunrise come over the mountain and cover the valley; he closed his eyes and drew his last breath. Wolves are a very big part of my belief system. They are the guardians and protectors of the lands; and they are a pack animal; the pack; the family is everything. I thank you for sharing with me.
  14. I received my ULC Ministry Credentials today. It was an overwhelming feeling, when I drove up to my house and I saw the envelope there. I knew immediately what it was. I couldn't wait to get in the house and open it up. Of course when I walked into the house, there was 2 kids who made a mess of the living room; a dog who had an accident on the floor; another dog had another accident on another floor; the ferret had kicked half of the bedding in the bottom of his cage out all over the room; and of course the cats had a lovely time playing with all that fluffy stuff floating around. (yes, I have my own version of Noah's ark -- 3 dogs, 8 cats and a ferret; soon to be 2 ferrets; but they are all loved in their own special way) Anyway, I wanted in that envelope more than anything; but there were all those mini-disasters to get taken care of; then it would be time. I took a deep breath and opened the envelope. I almost dared not look; I read the entire pamphlet that came along with it before I dared look at the Certificate. It was so overwhelming. For a long time I have been astray - my path uncertain; my beliefs muddled. I dared not speak what my beliefs were out of fear of non-acceptance by "traditional beliefs". For a long time, I have kept my own counsel about my beliefs; even sometimes hiding them from myself. During my search; during my studies of those things I wanted to make sense out of; I came to find ULC; a place where I would be accepted; where my beliefs would not be persecuted because they did not match those of the person next to me. But rather, I would be accepted because my belief was to do what was right; in my own heart; to love God as I saw HIM; as I felt HIM; as HE instructed me to go. A chill ran through my spine as I held that certificate in my hand. Finally, a "church" that didn't frown upon my belief that the GOD I believe in wants me to be happy; forgives me when I screw up because HE realizes I am human and subject to mistakes. Finally, no one telling me that I was going to go to Hell for all eternity because when I slammed my finger in the car door, I yelled out "Oh Jesus Christ". Finally, I meet other people who like to take the challenge; who question; who say "what about the Lost Writings; was Mary Magdalene Jesus' wife? If the Holy Mother truly remained a Virgin, then where did Jesus' brother, James come from?? What about the Garden of Eden? Can we figure out from Scripture where it might have been located; given that science tells us that we are all descended from a place in Central Africa; does that mean that the Garden was in Central Africa; could the Garden of Eden been where the Legendary Mines of King Solomon are hidden??? All of these questions left to be answered; but yet no one wants to ask the hard questions. Finally, a place where other people ask the same questions I do. I embrace you all as my brothers and sisters from this day forward, beliefs same or different than mine; we were all led here for one reason or other; and though we may disagree, something led us here; some common bond. Let us all rejoice in that. Love and Blessings.
  15. Blackthorn, You have put in a post what I believe in my own heart. I hope you do not mind, but I wish to copy it and keep it on my computer. I believe we all have a different path to follow to lead us to our own Salvation. God gave us the ability to think, to reason, to challenge, to debate and compare. Would he not give us such a gift if we were not intended to use it? We are not merely little toy soldiers put here on this Rock to just be here. Some of us were given higher powers; some were not. Yet somehow we all find our own way; our own path; leading us to our own ultimate conclusion. Whatever our own concept of Salvation might be... I do not pretend to know what God might have been thinking; do I believe HE can know what I am thinking? If he does...he may have a heck of a headache with 6.2 billion other people's voices ringing in his head. Do I believe that HE is there to guide me when I need it; yes. Do I believe he has been there for me in my darkest hours; absolutely. And it may not be "God" in the traditional sense. Are we not told to see God in all things around us living?? So, is it God in the face of my rescued dog, who was abused and neglected by her owner; whom I saved from a life of horrors and hell on Earth, who now lives in comfort with attention and love; and she shows her love and appreciation for me every day? You better believe it. Is it God that put that dog in my lap when I was in my darkest hours; contemplating ending my life; and having that little dog lick my face; nuzzle my hand and let me know that at least to her, I mattered; and that God brought us together when she needed a home; and I needed a glimmer of hope in my heart? You better believe it. God exists for every one of us in different ways. There is no one way to define HIM; nor is there any one way to believe in HIM. Stay true to yourself and you can not go wrong! Just my humble and very mortal opinion.
  16. I like the answer of shades; nuance in life - If you had to define a color - how would you??? We have all heard that "white is all colors" and "black is absence of color" -- so again, how would you define a color? These things are all so relative to the perception of individuals - Just my humble and mortal opinion.
  17. yup -- always say - husband, 2 kids, 3 canine fur-kids and 4 feline fur-kids -- oh and don't forget the 2 gerbils in my son's room...that's a lot of hearts beating and all of 'em loved!!!!
  18. My reasons for becoming ordained were many - over my entire life I struggled with accepting the "rigidity" of "organized religion"; all the sin and no joy in life type of thing. The God I chose to believe in wanted me to be happy; wanted me to prosper; and wanted me to feel HIS love; not wrath if I did such a thing such as make a mistake as a human being. Then, a life changing EVENT happened to me. I was the victim of a violent attack by a dog. That EVENT changed my life. My physical body failed me; I put my faith in surgeons and doctors; but yet, my body would not heal. I became bitter; full of anger and began to think of ways to hurt myself. My life began to spiral out of control. Because my ability to walk was limited; I came to rely upon a cane. It was ugly and it was hurtful. I was the subject of ridicule; and scorn. I was treated as less because I was unable to walk on my own. I began to think of all the doors previously opened in my life had become closed. In August of 2008, I went to an amazing place; an amazing place of healing, peace and love. I learned there that doors were not closed to me because I was disabled; I only needed to learn a different way to open them. I began to think about the rest of the doors in my life; especially the doors of my heart that I had closed. I looked deep within myself; I always believed in God; I lost my way on the path, however. One night, I opened up the Bible; and I recalled someone once telling me what the Bible meant; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - I decided that moment that I would put myself in Gods hands. I opened the Bible to a random page; and decided to read whatever I landed upon. Because my spirituality is my own; and my beliefs are my own; I choose not to share what I read; but it made sense to me. HE had led me to what I needed to read. I began to do that on a daily basis; just open the Bible and read whatever HE led me to. I wanted to find a Church that allowed me the freedom to maintain my own belief system; without compromising what I believe in; to be able to be happy without being filled with sin. ULC was what I found. I signed up to be ordained that night. Rev. Christine Elkins