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  1. I am 40 years old and going back to school. Although I will be taking all of my classes online from Liberty University in Virginia I will still be in the virtual world of the younger generation. I am starting down the road to getting my Bachelors Degree in Psychology so that I can help counsel and work with those who need case management assistance. I have an awesome support system in my husband Brian. I know that he and God will be with me for every step I take in my educational journey. I am asking for the prayers of those who read this message. I hope that I will have the unspoken words from those who hope and pray that I complete my journey on a wonderfully positive note. Thank you for your prayers. Sincerely, Rev. Tracey Sawtelle
  2. My family and I will pray for Harry that God takes away all the sickness in his tiny body. May God bless Harry and his family at this trying time.
  3. I'll keep them in my nightly prayers that God watch over all of them in their time of need
  4. I am a member of a website called and I read a post that made me cry. A lady who is married and has a family of her own is asking for prayers for her sister and her husband today because their baby Sammy is seriously ill. She has recently undergone an 11 hour operation to remove a lemon sized tumor from her brain and will need a shunt and Gtube put in place so she can eat and allow the fluid to drain from around her brain. Please hold your children and pray for this family and ask God to heal the little one and remove the sickness from her tiny body. Thanks Rev. Tracey
  5. Please pray for my mother-in-law. She was taken to the hospital tonight after haveing a heart attack. We don't know anything yet as my father-in-law will call us in the morning with more information. Please pray that she gets well and comes home soon. Tracey
  6. Part of me believes in the after life yet part of me doesn't. I don't know how many people have seen the movie or read the book, "5 People you'll meet in heaven". I think about that every so often. When my soul goes to heaven who will be there to greet me. I hope to see my Gram (not my grandmother), my great grandfather, my grandpa Ken, my cousin Kelly who passed before her birth and my father. I know we can't control who greets us in heaven but I can hope to see these people.
  7. I would like to thank you all for thinking of me during this tough time. Losing a job is a hard thing to handle. Sometimes depression gets the better of me and I don't know which direction to turn in. I know that God has reasons for doing what he does and maybe he had a reason for my losing my job. As my husband has already said, I can no devote my time to starting our congregation and my wedding business. I now have the time to devote to my children and my wonderful husband. Thanks again to all of you who have been praying for me. Sincerely, Rev. Tracey Sawtelle