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  1. Beautiful Rev. Your work is a wonderful read as always. I tip my hat to you.
  2. Thank you so much! I swear it was like two old ladies bickering about the last pair of panty hose at Bloomingdale's.
  3. My hubby and father-in-law are arguing about Star Wars and yet we can't find the answers anywhere. Did Master Siphadious turn into Palpatine/Siddeous? Who placed the order for the clone army and why? I have no clue and they are annoying me with this so any help is appreciated...thanks..
  4. That sucks....oh well, c'est la vie I suppose. Thanks for lettin me know.
  5. I don't see how this pertains to the subject but I'll indulge you. I don't read fiction and the only Christian dudes will coolness that I'm "down with" are my old man and my father. No offense but, Jesus is not my homeboy. I think he was stellar but still not my homeboy. Ya dig?
  6. Wicca is based on the "Old Religions". Wicca has never condoned animal sacrifice. There is no movie in hollywood that will give an accurate description of Wicca. If you like being around true Christians, then power to ya. Just hope you realize that I won't be out to give you the creeps or do the "oogedy boogedy".
  7. Women and men tie ribbons around the maypole in celebration of the time of year when fertility is full bloom.....who could possibly not think puppies, kittens, calves, human babies, etc. aren't absolutely adorable and something to be celebrated? Granted it was origionally meant for fertility of the land but I like to think of it as celebrations of all fertility. Not everyone goes skyclad naked would be a horror flick not something to celebrate the holidays looking at...
  8. Bummer about the prize. If it's any consolation, I really liked your poem.
  9. He gave me hematite (a mineral, I know). I was always getting injured playing sports and rough housing so he gave me the necklace to protect and heal.
  10. Summerland. It's a place where our souls go until the time of reincarnation. Im just gonna put this little disclaimer out here though: These are my beliefs and not necessarily those of other Wiccans. Oh and back to the tool thing for a sec. My first wand was a gift from a friend. My first stone necklace was a gift from my father. So even though I do not use tools for all rituals, I like to have these items for stronger workings because these tools to me are very special because they were gifts of love....
  11. Understood but some of us prefer tools regardless of level of skill. Just a personal thing i guess...
  12. The tools are more like symbols for your mind to focus on. I hate to use this but this is all I can think of right now: Aversion therapy. They did a study on aversion therapy using a toddler and a white rat (some say rabbit). Everytime they showed baby "albert" the animal they'd make a loud noise behind his head. What they didn't anticipate was that anything fluffy and white (including the mall santa's beard) freaked "albert" out after the experiments were concluded. When tools are used in ritual it is more to "prep" the mind for serious meditation and magic(k)al workings. When people wear certain jewelry or clothes in ritual it's the same concept. Getting your mind ready to focus. Kind of like a lucky blouse for a job interview or a lucky sock for the big game. That's the best way I can explain it. Do you understand what I mean? (not looking down on you but making sure I'm being clear in what Im writing)
  13. I really don't see how it would change anything within the community.
  14. I am Wiccan. I really don't feel the ego factor on it. It's not so much about stronger as the ablility to use it responsibly and have control over it. I'm very big on respect to my elders. They have the life experience to back what they say up. If an elder has something worth merit to say I'm all ears. I understand the level of degrees because in Wicca, unfortunately, you get alot of young teenagers that come in and play the "I'm enlightened, more mature than you, I know everything, etc." attitude and with the degrees, it puts that to a stop, very quickly. Magic(k) can be a very powerful thing and you wouldn't want it to be in untrained hands. Would you give a gun to a rookie cop and say have at it? Would you give a fresh out of college doctor a delicate brain surgery to perform even though the biggest "surgery" he's done to date was a few stitches to a finger?
  15. Oh stop. You're good and you know it....don't be so coy.
  16. See now this is where I wish Theresa was here to tell you to go to her room.....
  17. I said no worries Qryos.....seriously it was helpful!
  18. I can be a smartass too..... Got all but the 12 hahaha
  19. It's not like I'm getting these published...I think they are lame as all get out. I just got bored but if it irks I'll fix no problemo... Why are the pains of love deeper than a stab wound Into your chest? Most loves are easy to seek Easy to find But the greastest loves of all can you make you blind. The torment and sorrow of love's nonfruition. Love's arrows can turn to those of hate. Why is it not written in the stars to be seen so easily? Fate is there but nothing is there to point you to the way. Anger brings my sorrow to a deeper level. The tides of the moon waxing and waning drown me deeper into the sorrow of love. If love were a game I'd be the best loser. A sucker for love I say. Show me the way. Tell me why damn it that no one's love can be so divine As the love I have [i]for thine's embraces. Bewitched and enchanted not by words by but mere thought and presence. I am left to die alone But at least I will have died with the courage to stand up for true love. The purest of all forms.
  20. I don't want to and you can't make me....bwaaaahahaaa....j/k thanks Qryos I'll try to remember....
  21. Sorry Im just not a tramp stamp type but the piercing will be back from temporary decomm. soon enough