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  1. "too shy"- kaja goo goo or some weird spelling??? Im not even sure thats the name of the song lol
  2. He had other "country" billboard lists but I hate that song!!!!!
  3. "how do you talk to an angel"- that band on tv???
  4. "Life is a highway"- Chris something or other "500 miles"- proclaimers
  5. well yeah but that's annoying for me not to know argh lol.. What about tiny tim tiptoe through the tulips?
  6. Yeah Im just not sure if it was a hit....was it?
  7. It was a song too..that was one on the set they did for SNL one year......
  8. Wasn't "pocketful of kryptonite" one too?
  9. Ok another one I don't for sure if it counts......Buster Poindexter "hot hot hot"????
  10. I hate to admit this but I like the song "I do the Rock" by Tim Curry...he's a technical one hit wonder
  11. Oh I agree full-heartedly although he looked best IMO in the mummy or george of the jungle....
  12. The twist is good...reminds me of that Happy Days episode when The Fonz was saved my his friends from "Beezlebub's" nephew.