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  1. platypus, Marty had been wondering where his pet was hiding and now the pencil box was a lot lighter. Now he could.....
  2. At work they have a bottle to put in the tabs off the top of soda cans, not sure of the charity though, I'll have to ask.
  3. I like anything sweet and coffee liqueurs, and wine if it's sweet, haven't had alcohol in a while though, not a big drinker.
  4. reflection off Marty's bald head. Rosie and Oprah looked at him saying, which one of us are you calling Buffalo Gal as they gathered up the Spam, Snickers bar and the jar of mayonnaise which they needed to...
  5. singing to his pet platypus he had trained to.......
  6. Comfortable, a tank top and shorts, maybe a ball cap when I'm not working.
  7. Check out this topic here. Mayan Calander, Nibiru, 2012
  8. eat a stable diet of grits and fatback, and chicken feet or you can just....
  9. I was curious to know, is Cindy Hensley (Mc Cain) any relation to our founder? Thanks for any information.
  10. I've been told I look like Derek Jeeter, Richard Gere and I share the same relative off the Mayflower so I'm related to him but most likely in a marriage somehow.
  11. that's the seventh rabbit you've eaten today....