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  1. jeans, & whatever type of shirt suits the weather/temperature
  2. I don't like peanut brittle... so the bar of chocolate would be preferable
  3. wellll, I'd have to get a calculator to figure out how many I have had thusfar... & I'd honestly say quite a large number of them... too bad ppl can't get to a point and say "Hey, I want a do-over!"-- but life isn't a child's game like that
  5. in that large, seemingly-endless field of poppppies....
  6. and asked: "Did you ever hear the one about the purple ape who went into a bar..."
  7. when the Bird of Paradise flew up his nose....
  8. yup, I guess those two points are often connected! just keep in mind what the letters in this state stand for: I Oughta Went Around It
  9. cool!!! but you're in Iowa- how did you write a poem about Time without using the word "-ish" ?!?
  10. welll, personally I don't like to walk in anything that doesn't have concrete in it do you know what you might step on in a dark forest?! snakes.. bugs... lions, tigers, bears...
  11. to borrow an old line from my brother: "Let's not, and say we did"
  12. too, decided that for his own safety he should go undercover... and immediately changed his name to Murphzlaw2.5...
  13. well, you said they're all that's keeping you here... what's going to be doing it when they're no longer there?
  14. not wishing to complicate matters, but I'd take the comment entirely differently-- I read it as "these guys are nearly grown and gone... then what? " is that anywhere near it?
  15. wooo, trouble's gonna brew NOW.....!!!!
  16. you say one thing in this post, something entirely different in one a ways later on... which is it- are u disillusioned and bummed-out, or just lazy? no one can force u to "go for" the good things in life... it is 100% in your own hands whether or not to do so... but if you acknowledge that, and decide 'no,' for whatever your reasons, that's a huge difference from there not being anything there at all
  17. you don't need an "afterlife" or some kind of future "reward"- by 'worth it' I'm referring to THIS life... next year, tomorrow- if you don't see something there, it'd be a good idea to start...