I saw a televangelist, this morning, selling generators, and, water pumps, on his show. Assuming it was a response to the devastating, snow storm, in the American south, recently, I couldn’t help myself. I E-mailed him, questioning his courage, to do so, given that I saw no effort, on his part, to help in the relief effort. This, from a person, me, with virtually no volunteer work, on his permanent record.

Yet, at the time, I saw it as a cowardly act, to NOT point out the obvious hypocrisy, of the televangelist’s money-making effort, to him.

So, grateful, I am, for having done that. But, only slightly.

I remind myself that it’s about ripples. We send them out, daily. I think, by most standards, mine are pretty good. And, for that, I’m VERY grateful for my sister. We should all be so lucky, and, hence, so grateful. To me, she’s “The One”.


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