Someone you don’t see everyday in your lives,
Someones you know you can turn to in the worst of times,
Someones you cherish so much that you don’t
even let yourself to depend upon.
For their struggles that they never wanted you to see either.
Yet they always tell,
They tell if you’re genuinely happy,
They tell what you needed the most when you don’t even have a clue,
They tell on the missing pieces of your thought,
And they leave with words that you may have to act on
because they know your reasoning.
They leave from time to time,
and they don’t even make a call with all the convenience of modern technologies.
Like how they value your independency, like you value yours,
as mine, as theirs.
In thou,
I am glorified with grace.
In thee,
I spread the words:
with joy,
with love,
with gratitude,
with everything that has been bestowed upon me.
Some lost with time,
Some shed with new light,
Some shadowed in the back of my mind,
And the light saw it with darkness.
The darkness that we come across,
like a tunnel,
that Mosses never told it was not filled with light
or that the light shined in the other direction
that you have left behind
like the friends
that rooted in places that you no longer return to
or at least returned to deliver a new message
A message that takes time
that you may not have the chance to see the seed grow.
Yet the sprinkles are seen,
like fireflies,
that glow only in the light
with the lack of sunshine,
or at least bathes in a different time that you bathe as the sun.
Amen to the graces.

Yang I. Pachankis

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