Twice within the last two weeks I have has the experience of overhearing the terrible, damming, and murderous and pessimistic confessions and conversations of American Veteran’s. The bus that I ride stops at the Veteran’s Administration. I had a conversation with an American Veteran yesterday. It was most revealing. Hopelessness, depression, addiction, insanity, and mental illness. Nothing that I could say would give the man any hope, he is so ground down by harsh circumstances and his own brutal hardships. He has seen a great deal of evil while traveling as a rootless, homeless, marginalized alienated, dehumanized, forgotten man and he says that he wishes to remain just as he is, eating out of trash cans, hopping trains, a man with no last name a fugitive from hearth and home. Very sad. He sees a great deal of violence and brutality and viciousness among the homeless people living in tents, the old an frail, and the weak cannot protect themselves or their belongings from wanton violence, string arm robbery, assault with deadly weapon, and other cruelty. 🙏 Pray for Henry that he will be converted, and delivered out of his hell and out of his poverty, and pessimism. That his soul will be saved from sin and death. Pray that he will no longer be a Grim Reaper, but that he may be transformed by the Power of Jesus Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ and become a new creature in Christ. Pray for the conversion of sinners and the saving of lost souls, and the return of those who have lapsed in their faith and lost their faith, that they will be renewed, and restored and redeemed from the hand of the enemy.


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