I’m,Thankful For All Experiences, In This Thing That We Call Life, Because I’ve Come To Realize Our [ Humanity’s] True Essence Of Being…And… Therefore, Some Understanding Why It Is Vital, That We Must Always Strive To Do : ” That Which Is Right”.
As, Mortal/Human– ” Mindial”, “Emotional”, And “Intuitive” Beings Having An Experience In The Macro-Cosmic Light Of “Awareness”[ The First Created/ The Anointed One], It Is Imperative For Our Exsistence,That Our Creed To Do That Which Is Right : Because, In Exercising This “Good-Will” Experience, We Will Come To Know That We’re All The Children Of The Same Universe.

We, Come To The Realization That (1) Ethinicty -Descent Doesn’t Matter, (2) personal/Public Religous Practices Doesn’t Matter And (3) Nor Does The Complextion Of Ones Skin Matters.

What Matters, Is That, In Always Doing “That which Is Right”, Will Eventually Foster” Solidarity”[ Oneness] Within Our Internal Micro-Cosmic ” Mindial”, “Emotional”, ” Intuitive” Beingness Of Awareness :

Thus, Establishing What Is Known ,As The ” Kingdom Of Heaven” : Both On This Planet That We Call Earth..And.. Within These Bodies Of Earth In Which We Have Our Moment to Moment Experiences.

The “Land” Giveth To Us At Manifestation [ Birth].

I’m Thankful For The Creation,Emanation And Manifestation Of The ” Universal Life Church ” And Creedial To Always Do That Which Is Right…As Well As… It’s Mission To Bring Together All Of Humanities Religio s : Because, At The End Of The Day [ Dispite, The Different Rituals,Doctrines And Way Of Life Customs]- We’re All Striving To Do :

” That What Is Right” Before The ” Most-High Creator (s) Triune..And/Or.. However Others Percieve The Most-High.

Sincerely And Respectfully

Minister William Wise Murray, IV

PS: I’m Also Thankful For Each And Every One Of The Congregational Ministers Of The ULC !


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