It says anything is possible with God, the individual residing across from me, him repenting is still not possible, for the last 10 months, I’ve asked people to pray that he repents very soon and that still hasn’t happen. I could sit here another year, two or three years and nothing likely won’t change since it’s normally the individual’s choice whether or not to do so. To me, i don’t think it matters wether or not he repents or not, after the things he’s done and/ or tried to do to me and with him being that big baby of a human being, I would rather sort him out myself but like it pretty much always is or mostly, nothing is done to him and without him being petty. What makes it worse is nothing really happens to him. I know God will continue to let him exist going forward, can I ask you to pray that God does (very very soon even though he won’t) something to the individual that God can do or for something to happen even though still it won’t very very soon either please? Thank you.

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