Thank you Jesus, bless each soul who has YOU on their heart. Bless those souls who needs prayers

Nightly Prayer

oh God our father
we intercede before you through the sacred heart of Jesus
I pray for all those in need this night need your mercy, love and protection
For all those who work at night, let your presence be with them lord Jesus
For the sick and suffering and all those who are enduring any agony of the mind, body and soul comfort them Jesus
For the sleepless and lonely please comfort them lord Jesus
For those with anxiety, mental stress, and nervousness please calm them lord Jesus
For night nurses give faithfulness and sympathy
For priest and doctors who have been called out this night reward them Jesus
For those this night must suffer bereavement visit and sustain them lord
For those this will be their last night on earth deepen their contrition and receive their souls

Thank you Jesus for this prayer, bless Sister Alisa for sharing.

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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