2 Kings 8:5 “And it came to pass, as he was telling the king how he had restored a dead body to life, that, behold, the woman, whose son he had restored to life, cried to the king for her house and for her land. And Gehazi said, My lord, O king, this is the woman, and this is her son, whom Elisha restored to life.”

This verse tells us that God is powerful and our purpose here to let our full attention to be on the lord. In our terminology “dead” means that you must be a believer so Jesus can restore our life. God is mighty and powerful most of all he loves us!!! don’t be discourage, press on in the days to come. Jesus said follow him so we can have everlasting life.

Thank you Jesus for bringing us to your throne of grace. Jesus bless this site, bless the souls who are determined to change their lives. God bless YOU for making a change in your life.

Oh lord please forgive us for all of us have sinned. Jesus stay in our midst, live in our hearts and relight our souls so we can see and hear your word and miracle. Jesus I’m calling out to you to restore each heart that pray upon our lives to be free from affliction. Thank you lord, praises to your name in heaven. Jesus help us to heal our physical bodies, I know that our bodies are temporary and is prepared to see the kingdom of heaven. Bring life and beauty to our homes, protect us from harm and most of all, I want to thank you for loving us. Our father in heaven thank you for your son Jesus Christ. Help us to deal with every day struggles that keep mounting up such as bills. Lord let us praise you, bring financial restoration to families that are struggling. I know that every heart and soul belong to you and I want to bless all those who is having a hard time right now.

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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