I really dislike people who embrace self-righteous attention seeking as a way of life. One person that comes to mind is my previous roommate, I pray for him now.

I pray that I would be relieved of the anger I feel towards people who take pride in making others feel like victims just to make themselves feel better, and I pray for all those using the dark side of free will to engage in ruthless and shameless acts, that mercy and grace would be upon them and that God would find his/her way into their lives through some blessing.

I pray to be relieved of my derangement in believing some people are not worthy of grace simply because of their actions. I also asked to be relieved of the expectation to try and win every fight, when I can cut down my own ego to maintain my inner integrity and experience a greater when overall – the victory over myself.

I pray to realize that everyone’s journey is their own, and if I place expectations on others than I am being a hypocrite. The fact of the matter is, there are times when you need confrontational skills to be effective, and I release every aspect of the learning journey to be up to God. I pray for compassion and forgiveness.

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