Please Lord help me have a better relationship with my parents. Allow them to be more open-minded and understand my point of view. Allow them to live for themselves so that they can be happy and allow them to do the same for me. Please allow them to understand that I want to live my life and be happy and that I might be a teenager, but I am mature and all I want is to experience things and have fun with the people around me. Please Lord, allow them to be more open-minded about life so that we can have a better relationship. Allow them to discuss with me when I do something they do not like rather than scream at me, tell me I am wrong, and punish me. Please Lord allow them to grow as I want to grow. Please Lord all I want is a good relationship with them and no matter how they have hurt me, I have forgiven them and all I want is for our family to grow together. Please allow that to happen. Thank you Lord

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God Bless Mark for praying for others who need healing

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