Please help me pray for my daughter, Brae who is in a relationship with this guy named Caleb, to be separated from him quickly, and immediately, because he is verbally abusive towards her at times, manipulating, has a bit of a temper and using her for money. She is not working, and he is, but asking her for money. She doesn’t see him as being that way, but he talks down to her, is ruining her self-esteem. I’m praying for her to open her eyes, this is toxic, & not healthy. They are not engaged or married; he is just a boyfriend. Please remove him from my daughter’s heart and life before this goes any further. This is very hurtful as a mother watching what is going on in her life.


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  1. God bless Leelee and daughter Brae

    oh lord, look upon Brae’s heart for she is being tormented by Caleb. In Jesus’ name, Caleb has no power of Brae!!!! Lord touch Brae with strength and courage. Our heavenly father give Brae strength to withstand and be released from Caleb. Jesus, thank you for giving Brae the courage to see beyond her challenges of life and have the wisdom to use her knowledge. Thank you, lord, for your blessing upon this family. Let the light shine in their lives, and cover them with your love and presence. In Jesus name, Amen

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