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Prayer for Everyone On 🎃 Halloween

Let Us Pray

A Prayer Blessing, Direction, Help and good Success, in any great Enterprise. O LORD God, infinitely wise and good, who teacheth man knowledge, and givest both the skill and power to accomplish our purposes; and also the blessings and success to bring things to pass according to our wishes! I know not what to do.

But my eyes are upon Thee ; and all my expectation is from Thee; and still I desire to wait, and call, and depend upon Thee.

A great work now I have to do; but O how little strength to do it! All my sufficiency is of Thee, who workest in us to will and to do, of Thy good pleasure.

Thou that hast been my help, leave me not, nor forsake me, O God of my salvation; but let me be taught of God what I have to do, and let the gracious Lord make me to understand what is Thy pleasure conce
ing me.

O that my ways were directed to please Thee, that I may have the light of Thy countenance shining upon me.

My Lord and my God, leave me not in the hand of my own counsel, nor to the conduct of my own foolish and deceitful heart, but lead me by the way that I shall go, and guide me continually, that discretion may preserve me, and understanding may keep me.

O make my way prosperous, and give me Thy blessing and good success. Bring all needful things to my remembrance ; and where I have not the presence of mind nor power of performance, O magnify Thy power in my weakness ; and let me go forth in Thy name and strength, and speed, and prosper by thy grace and blessing.

Let Thy good providence so be my defence and security, and Thy Holy Spirit my guide and counsellor, that I may wisely choose, and rightly manage, and success fully accomplish, the things wherein I have engaged.

Thy will be done, O Lord, however I am pleased or crossed ; and let me ever design Thy glory, whether it make for my gain or loss, in any respect in this present life. O be Thou still a gracious Father to me, and a merciful Provider for me ; and grant me now the comfortable sense of Thy good acceptance of me, and Thy designs of mercy toward me.

Be Thou pleased to take me to Thy fatherly care, and conduct and preserve me from the evils into which I am prone to fall, and quicken me to the good which I am averse to perform. O establish Thou the work of Thy hands upon me ! yea, the work of Thy hands establish thou it.

My God and Guide, my Help and Strength; if Thou lead me not, I shall run in to errors ; if Thou keep me not, I shall fall into dangers:
but hold Thou me up, and I shall be safe.

And let me experience Thy power and esence with me, and all the goodness of the Lord passing before me, that I may so go through this and all the affairs of my life, that, at my last reflection upon what is past, my soul may have peace, and give thy name the praise, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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