ULC has.a title. I have been told for many years it did not mean a lot. However, it did at times when it was only a prayer that I had to live on.
Cannot always say it was easy, many years of work. Pray for those who do not have much education and need to have a chance for ethical standard life.

For freedom people. I pray for them. And, do not put any expectations. I understand that this is the best some can do to give a better version and it has always been a honorary title. I dont make fun of it. but, it is what it is. And you must learn and decide the best version for you. I am a peaceful, christian and do not want to participate in anything that is less than agnost. So, thank you for blessing certificates. However, I don’t wish to participate in things. Prayer. Rock and Roll is not a sin. However, some have different definitions. And, I dont have a lighter you can borrow.

prayer, hope someone eventually can get married without there job interfering.


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