Lord fellow Christians, I’m praying here in Shawnee Oklahoma. I have prayed in great want & need. Y’all don’t understand I have been living an havoc of a life. What can I pray, think, say what can I honestly do I will do whatever. To have my human life back that was taken from me & my son. We can’t do this any more years not a fair life family friends living here living alone. This is probably the sloppiest prayer but if you whom reading this can change my life where I will never ever encounter this living. I did nothing to deserve this lonely life I once known loved an have been . Even now praying it attacks me. 18 years now the worst has gotten a great deal of my life all really. I’m not changing mentally for this abuse an havoc that forced itself on my human life. All this time passed everyone has got my life and while sucked used lied to copy.

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