God bless today, and let your heart be filled with praise.

Today is a beautiful day full of miracles and blessings. Jesus touches the hearts who are grieving and gives them comfort. Lord, touch the lost souls, give them hope in thee. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings that we did not give you thanks; please forgive our minds. Thank you Jesus for bringing these hearts to the prayer page. Bless their souls and bring light to their lives. Jesus only your blessing can bring peace among one another. Let your fire relight our souls today. Thank you, Lord, let us sing hallelujah to your name. Thank you Jesus hear the words of the hearts full of disease and let them rest in your joy. Thank you Jesus cover us with your undying love and let your spirit live in us.

Psalms 33:22 “Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.”

Senior Chaplain Melaney
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