With diligence, daily I strive to represent “One Nation Under God, With Liberty And Justice For All.” There is a hymn called, “Pass Me Not Ole’ Gentle Savior” that I am spiritually led to minister to myself and others. During such trying times it is indeed the perfect melody for any situation.

While once working in a local hospital sector, I often sung to patients and families who may have lost hope. “Pass me not olé gentle savior, hear my humble cry… while on others thou are calling, do not pass me by…. I’m crying savior, ole savior, hear my humble cry, while on others though are calling…. do not pass me by.”

Instilling a fight of faith to others in the midst of any obstacle, is simply a gift one should not ever have to wish for. Dear to my own heart whenever I am going through. I must remind myself who I am and who’s I am. Remembering how one may have not survived what I might be facing. Calling on our Lord God and Savior, whom won’t ever forsake me.

When I think about the goodness of the Lord I get so very emotional. Given his only begotten son so we can live. If asked to give our children for such a cruel world, we would be hesitant. We couldn’t ever repay God for doing such a thing. Once faced with the oppressor, I am reminded that; their rejection is what caused Jesus’s resurrection.

Just as Lazarus, our business is life and not death. If I had a thousand tongues, I couldn’t thank God enough. The least I can do is share God’s Grace and Mercy wherever I go. Far from perfect I am, while obedience is better than sacrifice. Of all songs I could sing, hum and choose, “Hear my humble cry” allows us to surrender and repent for our shortcomings.

If we ask and believe we shall receive the desires of our hearts. If once ever at a loss for answers remember for such a time as this, it all had to happen. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Amen!

“GOD”iologist, DrBrittKnee

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