oh lord please place your healing hands upon my heart. Lord, help me, Jesus, let your name continually be upon my heart. My sorrow for my sister is unbearable. Lord, when someone is sick, preparation is taken, but when someone dies suddenly, Jesus, I know my sister is in your loving arms and your kingdom of gold. Jesus, you promised that we can handle life’s situation because of your grace and mercy. Jesus let me stand, feel my beating heart who so broken right now. Jesus, relight my soul, let your words flow like the living water, bring peace to my mind. Thank you lord, for giving me a chance to grieve, and live in my hope of peace. I know my dear sister is in heaven, she had so much unfinished work, in her eyes, but my heavenly father have a bigger task for her to do in heaven. Thank you lord for touching my heart, thank you lord for giving me time to sing your name and shout hallelujah to the angels in heaven. Thank you for keeping my sister on her path and thank you for showing her that YOU father God is the living God. In Jesus name I pray
with a broken heart , shall I continually pray for salvation

Psalms 62:6 “He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved.”

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