God bless Paul with healing and safety,

Thank you Jesus for Paul, thank you lord for place your healing hands upon Paul’s sickness this morning. Jesus how sweet to say your name, our savior and grace. God let the angels sing upon the land and restore Paul’s physical body with strength. Jesus thank you for loving Paul all the days of his life. Let the angels surround Paul this morning, give ear unto the cry of the sick. Thank you lord for your words of wisdom, and your heart full of mercies. Jesus hold Paul in your loving arms and let him feel the angels and the joy. Bring happiness to Paul right now lord, thank you for carrying Pual through the difficult times of his life. Let your beauty surround him.

Psalms 7:17 “I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.”

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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